axis: bold as love - The Album

1997 MCA release Paper sleeve edition (2000)
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1. EXP 1:55 S021
2. UP FROM THE SKIES 2:55 S022
5. AIN'T NO TELLING 1:46 S025
6. LITTLE WING 2:24 S026
7. IF 6 WAS 9 5:32 S027
8. YOU GOT ME FLOATIN' 2:45 S028
10. SHE'S SO FINE 2:37 S030
11. ONE RAINY WISH 3:40 S031
13. BOLD AS LOVE 4:09 S033

Release details

Track 613003 [ENG] - Released 01/12/67 - Charts - entry: 22 (13/12/67); top position: 5; weeks in chart: 16
- Reprise RS 6281 [USA] - Released 01/68 Charts - entry: 140 (10/02/68); top position: 3; weeks in chart: 53
- Also on: Track 2407 011 [ENG]; Polydor 184110 [GER]; Polydor 2343 097 & 2486 029 [HOL]; Barclay 0820 167 [FRA]
- CD; Polydor 813 572-2 [GER]; Reprise 6281-2 [USA]; Polydor P33P 25023 [JAP]
MCA MCAD 11601 [USA] - Released 27/04/97 - CD (official)
Universal Victor, Inc. MVCE-24028 [JPN] - Released 24/07/97 - CD (official)
Victor Entertainment, Inc. UICY-9008 [JPN] - Released Dec/2000 - paper sleeve design CD (official)

<l> The recordings for this second Jimi Hendrix Experience LP were made during 14 or 15 recording sessions (first day of recording 04/05/67, last day of recording 30/10/67).
<2> Tape operator and ideas for ADT and phasing: George Chkiantz. A few other special effects and electronic devices built by: Roger Mayor. Although we credit Eddie Kramer as engineer for all the songs on the LP, it is understood that on some songs engineer Andy Johns was in charge instead.
<3> All mixing: OLY.
<4> The cover drawing was done by Roger Law. Jimi: 'When I first saw the design I thought, it's great, but maybe we should have an American Indian. The three of us have nothing to do with what's on that Axis cover ... '
<5> Eddie: 'I set up a drum platform... I remember miking Mitch by raising him on that platform about a foot and using distant miking and close miking - with that D30 on the bass drum and, more than likely, 67's or C12's on the cymbals. Probably C12's and 87's on the floor toms...'
<6> Chas: There's more Hendrix solos ended up on the floor at Olympic in the cutting-room than was ever put out. Jimi had a tendency to ramble when he got into solos . . . you can't have a three-minute single with a three-minute guitar solo. I used to change his lyrics and everything . . . George Chkiantz was basically tape op, and he was really into thinking up sounds. There was another young lad [Roger Mayer] and it ended up where he would turn up in the studio and he and George Chkiantz would sit huddled in the corner thinking up ideas about sound and how you could misuse the equipment ...'
<7> Jimi: '. . . it was mixed beautifully, but we lost the original mix so we had to re-mix it. Chas and I and the engineer, Eddie Kramer, all of us had to re-mix it the next mormng within 11 hours and it's very hard to do that. We're going to take more time ...'

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