Are You Experienced? [Original 1967 release] - The Album

1. Foxy Lady 3:18 S007
2. Manic Depression 3:42 S008
3. Red House 3:50 S009
4. Can You See Me? 2:33 S010
5. Love Or Confusion 3:12 S011
6. I Don't Live Today 3:54 S012
7. May This Be Love 3:10 S013
8. Fire 2:43 S014
9. Third Stone From the Sun 6:44 S015
10. Remember 2:48 S016
11. Are You Experienced? 4:14 S017

Release details

Track 612 001 [ENG] - Released 12/05/67 - Album (official)

<1> The recordings for the first Jimi Hendrix Experience LP were made during 16 recording sessions in London (first day of recording 23/10/66, last day of recording 04/04/67). 
<2> Jimi: 'First off I don't want people to get the idea it's a collection of freak-out material. I've written songs for teeny boppers like "Can You See Me" and blues things. "Manic Depression" is so ugly you can feel it and "May This Be Love" is a kind of "get your mind together" track. Imagination is very important, our music can not be categorised. Free form is the best way to explain our sound, unrestricted and uninhibited creative expression ...' 
<3> Chas: "The Are You Experienced album was the first time where we found ourselves with a bit. of time. We just fucked about with the equipment really. We tried putting two and three instruments through a compressor and see what the hell would come out. the other end, things like that. If it worked we'd edit it into the track or something. We'd do anything we could think of just for the fun of it, any daft idea that came along, we'd try it.' 
<4> Although Dave Siddle is credited as engineer at DLL, it is possible that other engineers at this studio were also involved. 
<5> All mixing: OLY.

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