1. Message to love 3:14 S154
2. Somewhere over the rainbow 3:31 S155
3. Crash landing 4:16 S156
4. Come down hard on me 3:17 S157
5. Peace in Mississippi 4:21 S158
6. With the power 3:37 S159
7. Stone free again 3:25 S160
8. Captain Coconut 4:05 S161

Release details

- Reprise MS 2204 [USA] - Released 03/75
  Charts - entry: 61 (22/03/75); top position: 5; weeks in chart: 20
- Polydor 2310 398 [ENG] - Released 08/75
  Charts - entry: 36 (30/08/75); top position: 35; weeks in chart: 2
- CD: Polydor 827 932-2 [GER]; Reprise 2204-2 [USA]; Polydor P33P 25024 [JPN]

<1> This is the first of the 'Douglas albums'. Apart from Jimi, almost all of the instrumentation of the musicians who made the original recordings with Jimi was subsequently wiped out in 1974/75 by Alan Douglas, and replaced by several session musicians trying to play along with tape recordings of Jimi's original guitars and vocals. None of these session musicians ever played with Jimi.
<2> On some of the releases credit as composer for 5 of the 8 songs is stated incorrectly as: Hendrix-Douglas. When asked for an explanation for this, Alan Douglas said 'that's a political problem'. . .
<3> Thanks to a massive publicity campaign of several months before its release promising 'here comes the new Jimi Hendrix', coupled with the fact that in those days listening to LP's in USA shops before buying wasn't common, Crash Landing may have been a commercial success but that's no measure of artistic quality. Some reviewers liked the stuff (Billboard 22/03/75: 'Jimi at his best') but most others did question the exercise of taking off original musicians - from 'Is there morality in rock and roll?' (Melody Maker 30/08/75) to 'The release of this album stinks' (Sounds 04/10/75).

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