L1146 Killing Floor
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba), Lee Hallyday (spoken introduction).
Composed by Howlin' Wolf.
rec: 18/10/66.
NOTE: Incomplete. Refer to L1532 for the complete version.
L1147 Hey Joe
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
Composed by William M. Roberts.
rec: 18/10/66.

L1148 Mercy Mercy
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
Composed by Don Covay & Horace Ott.
Recorded at Flamingo, London W1, England, 04/02/67.
NOTE: Song a.k.a: Have Mercy Baby.
All listed 18/10/66 songs recorded at Olympia, Paris, France, 18/10/66.


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quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 661)

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