S001 Hey Joe
Jimi (gs, lv), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba), The Breakaways [Gloria George, Barbara More, Margaret Stredder] (hv).
Comp:William M. Roberts.
Rec: DLL, 23/10/66.
Engi: Dave.
Prod: Chas.
NOTE: Noel was borrowing Chas Chandler's Gibson EB-2 bass, as he did not own a bass guitar himself at this point, and used this on some of the early recordings (up to mid 02/67) like 'Hey Joe'.
S002 Stone Free
Jimi (gsgi, vo), Mitch (dr, cow-bell), Mitch? (ta), Noel (ba).       (corrected UniVibes 29)
Rec: DLL, 02/11/66.
Engi: Dave.
Prod: Chas.
NOTE: This is the first song Jimi wrote when he moved to England in late 1966.


[S001, in mono] and [S002, in mono] appeared on S001, S002 appeared on

S001 appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 524)

corrected in UniVibes issue 29

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