S019 The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Jimi (gs, electric harpsichord, lv, mellotron for hv effect), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba), unknown (ta).
Rec: MAY, 06 and 07/07/67 (basic track); MAY, 20/07/67 (additional recordings, very likely including the harpsichord and mellotron); MAY, 20/07/67 (final mix).
Engi: Gary.
Prod: Chas.
NOTE: <1> Written by Jimi during a plane trip between Los Angels and New York (03/07/67). <2> Jimi: 'I really don't care what our record does as far as chart-wise. We had this one ['The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp'] that only made number 11 . . . Which everybody around here [in England] hated. They said that was the worst record, you know. But to me that was the best one we ever made. Not as far as recording, 'cause the recording technique was really bad, you know, you couldn't hear the words so good. Probably that's what it was . . .'
S020 The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice
Jimi (gs, vo, voice of 'friendly neighbourhood experience maker'), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba), 'the Milky Way Express' (voices, whistles, cheers).
Rec: MAY, 18/07/67 (basic track) and 29/07/67.
Engi: Gary.
Prod: Chas.
NOTE: <1> Song a.k.a.: STP with LSD. <2> A lot of people attended the recording sessions, including Frank Zappa, so they all very likely made up 'the Milky Way Express'. <3> This is the first released recording where Jimi used a wah-wah foot pedal.


[S019, in mono] and [S020, in mono] appeared on S019, in stereo appeared on S020, in stereo appeared on [S019, in stereo] and [S020, in mono] appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 527)

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