S034 All Along The Watchtower
Jimi (gs, vo), Mitch (dr), Dave Mason (ba, acoustic gi), Mitch? (temple block), unknown (ta). Comp: Bob Dylan. Special effect: Jimi (slide-effect via the back of his cigarette lighter with the gi on his lap).
Recorded at OLY, 21/01/68 (basic track); PLA, 04/68 or 05/68 (transfer from 4 to 12 track, plus additional recordings).
Engineered by Eddie (OLY); Gary (PLA).
Produced by Chas (OLY); Jimi (PLA).
Wiped (at PLA) in 1968: Dave Mason (ba). Added (at PLA) in 1968: Jimi (ba).
NOTE: <1> Jimi, Dave Mason and Viv Price Were at a small party where they all listened to Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding LP for the very first tiine. When it got to 'All Along The Watchtower' Jirni said, 'we gotta record that. I gotta do that. 'That same evening Jinii recorded the song at Olyrnpic. Brian Jones and Linda Keith among others attended this session. <2> Jiini: 'I felt like "Watchtower" was something I had written but could never get together. I often feel like that about Dylan.' <3> Refer to S138 for a slightly different mixed version. <4> Refer to S816 for the version with the original bass take.


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quoted from Electric Gypsy (p. 529)

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