S050 Stepping Stone
Jimi (gs, vo), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba), Bob Hughes? (voice from control-room).
recorded at PLA, 14/11/69.
engineered by Bob Hughes.
produced by Heaven Research Unlimited.
NOTE: Jimi: 'I don't know how good it is - I can't tell any more. Some of the copies out here have no bass on them. I had to go out somewhere and told the guy to remix it but he didn't. Sure it matters ...'
S051 Izabella
Jimi (gs, lv, hv), Buddy (dr, hv), Billy (ba), Juma and Jerry (ta, pe, maracas), unknown (hv).
recorded at HIT, 28 and 29/08/69.
produced by Jimi or Heaven Research Unlimited.
NOTE: This song was written at Jimi's house, Tavor Hollow Road, near Shokan, New York, early 08/69.


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quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 533)

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