S127 Bleeding Heart
Jimi (gs, ba, vo), Mitch or Buddy (dr), Juma and/or Jerry (cow-bell, pe), unknown (ta), unknown (rhythm gi).
Composed by Elmore James.
recorded at PLA, 18/12/69 and /or 24/03/70.
Produced by Jimi.

S128 Tax Free
Jimi (gs), Mitch (dr), unknown - nulikely Noel - (ba).
Special effect: organ sound via Jimi's gi (unknown how this was achieved).
Composed by Bo Hansson & Janne Karlsson.
recorded at PLA,, 01/05/68.
Engineered by Eddie?
Produced by Jimi.

S129 Peter Gunn
Jimi (gi, voice), Mitch (dr), Billy (ba), Eddie (voice from control-room).
Composed by Henry Mancini.
recorded at PLA or ELE, mid 70.
Engineered by Eddie,
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: <1> 'Peter Gunn' was the first song Jimi learned to play during his Seattle childhood days. <2> 'Peter Gunn' and 'Catastrophe' is actually a medley.
S130 Catastorophe
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Mitch (dr, voice), Billy (ba), Eddie (voice from control-room).
recorded at PLA or ELE, mid 70.
Engineered by Eddie,
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This song is in reality a take-off by Jimi of the song 'Jealousy' (Comp: V. Bloom & Gade), popularised by Frankie Laine in late 1951. During the improvisation of 'Catastrophe' Jimi invents his own lyrics.
S131 Stepping Stone
Jimi (gs, vo), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba), Bob Hughes? (voice from control-room).
recorded at PLA, 14/11/69.
Engineered by Bob Hughs.
Produced by Heaven Research Unlimited.
Wiped in 1972: Buddy (dr), Bob Hughes? (voice from control-room). Added in 1972: Mitch (dr).
NOTE: This is the same basic version as S050. Differences: new drum take; somewhat different mix. Refer to S050 for the unaltered and original version with Buddy (drums).
S132 Midnight
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
Special effect: heavy phasing (on gi).
Comp: Noel Redding.
recorded at OLM, possibly 04/69.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: Song a.k.a.: Trashman. Refer to S162 for Trashman.
S133 3 Little Bears
Jimi (gs, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel? (ba), unknown (cow-bell).
recorded at PLA, 02/05/68.
Engineered by Gary or Eddie.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: <1> Refer to S136 for the same version, but censored!. <2> Incomplete. Refer to S782 for the complete version.
S134 Beginning
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr), Billy (ba), Juma (bongos), Juma? (temple block).
Comp: Mitch Mitchell.
recorded at ELE, 16/06/70 and/or 01/07/70.
Engineered by Eddie.
Produced by Jimi.
Wiped in 1972: Juma (bongos), Juma? (temple block).
NOTE: <1> Song a.k.a.: 'Jam Back At The House'. <2> Slightly incomplete. <3> Refer to S738 for the complete and unaltered version.
S135 Izabella
Jimi (gs, lv, hv, voice), Buddy (dr, hv), Billy (ba), Juma and Jerry (ta, pe, maracas), unknown (hv).
recorded at HIT, 28 and 29/08/69.
Produced by Jimi or Heaven Research Unlimited.
NOTE: This is the same basic version as S051. Differences: slightly different mix; Jimi's voice mixed up front.


all appeared on all but S133 appeared on S131, S134 and S135 appeared on S127, S128 and S132 appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy (pp. 542/3)

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