S1454 Angel
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr).
OLY, 14?/10/67.
Enginnered by Eddie.
Produced by Chas.

S1455 Lover Man
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba), Angel Balestier (voice from control-room).
TTG, 10/68.
NOTE: This is a somewhat different version of S762. Differences: with studio chat; with added parts from other takes of the song: new 1997 mix.
S1456 South Saturn Delta
Jimi (gs), Jimi? (ba), Buddy (dr), Larry Faucette (congas), unknown (horns).
PLA, 14/06/68 (basic track).
Enginnered by Gary? (basic track.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is the complete version of S261, but now also in a slightly different 1997 mix.
S1457 Power Of Soul
Jimi (gs, lv, hv), Buddy (dr, hv), Billy (ba, hv), Juma (cow-bell).
PLA, 11/69 and/or 01/70.
Enginnered by Tony Bongiovi?
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is a somewhat different version of S967. Differences: incomplete; some lyrics lines rearranged; new 1997 mix.
S1458 Message To Love
Jimi (gi, vo), Billy (ba), Larry? (rhthm gi), Mitch (dr).
HIT, 28/08/69
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is from the same session as S1355.
S1459 Angel
Jimi (gs, ba, vo), metronome.
OLY, 13/11/67?
Produced by Chas.

S1460 Midnight Lightning
Jimi (gi, vo, foot-tapping).
PLA, 23/03/70.
Produced by Chas.


S1454 - S1460 appeared on [S1459, but now with the start nearly complete] appeared on S1460 appeared on

quoted from UniVibes 27

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