S1540 Little Wing
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
recorded at OLY, 25/10/67
produced by Chas.

S1541 Little Miss Lover
Jimi (gs, lv), Jimi? (ta), Mitch (dr, hv), Noel ('Hagstrom' 8-string ba, hv).
Special effect: Jimi (octavia); Pultec filter (on Jimi's lv).
recorded at OLY, first week 10/67
engineered by Eddie.
produced by Chas.
NOTE: <1> This is the same basic version as S032. Difference: somewhat different mix. <2> The liner notes incorrectly states that this version is "an alternate version."
L1542 Catfish Blues
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
composed by Muddy Waters.
recorded at "Olympia," Paris, France, 09/10/67.
NOTE: Incomplete (part of the drum solo as well as the end of the song wiped in 2000).
S1543 Bold As Love
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
recorded at OLY, 05/10/67.
engineered by Eddie.
produced by Chas.

Angel [S1459, but now with the start nearly complete].
S1544 Somewhere
Jimi (gi), Buddy (dr), Noel? (ba), Jimi? (rhythm gi), unknown engi (voice from control-room).
recorded at CEN, 13/03/68 (basic track).
produced by Chas.
Wiped in 1971 at ELE: Buddy (dr).
Added in 1971 at ELE: Mitch (dr).
NOTE: Refer to S768 for the complete and unaltered version, but without the voice from the unknown engineer.
part of Gypsy Eyes [S783, but now in a better 1968 mix with some extra guitar bits].
S1545 Room Full Of Mirrors
Jimi (gi, vo), Paul Caruso (ha).
recorded at PLA, 12/12/68.
engineered by Gary.
produced by Jimi.

S1546 Gloria
Jimi (count-in, gi, vo, voice), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
composed by Van Morrison.
recorded at TTG, 29?/10/68.
produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is the complete version of S170, but now also in a slightly different 1997 mix.
part of It's Too Bad [S772, but now in a different 1999 mix with some extra lyrics].


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