S764 Untitled improvisation
Jimi (gi).
Recorded at PLA, 14/11/69.
Produced by Jimi.
Wiped (around 1974): Buddy (dr).
NOTE: Refer to S1007 for a part of the unaltered version with Buddy (dr).
S765 Midnight Lightnin'
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Kathy Etchingham (faint voice).
Recorded at OLY, likely 14/02/69.

S766 Instrumental improvisation
Jimi (gi), Billy (ba).
Recorded at ELE, 70.
Produced by Jimi.

L767 Earth Blues
Jimi (gi), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba).
Recorded at Fillmore East, New York City, 01/01/70, 2nd show.
NOTE: Incomplete. Refer to L1516 for the complete version.
S768 Somewhere
Jimi (gi, vo), Buddy (dr), Noel? (ba), Jimi? (rhythm gi).
Recorded at CEN, 13/03/68 (basic track).
Special effect: heavy delay on vo.
Produced by Chas.
NOTE: This is the unaltered version of S155.
S769 Peace In Mississippi
Jimi (solo gi, rhythm gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
Recorded at TTG, 24/10/68.
Produced by Jimi.
Wiped in 1974: Jimi (some rhythm gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba). Added in 1974: Jeff Mirnov (rhythm gi), Allan Schwartzberg (dr), Bob Babbit (ba), Jimmy Maeulen (pe).
NOTE: This is a slightly less altered version of S158. Differences: contains most of Jimi's rhythm guitar; more delay effect; different mix.


S764 - S769 appeared on S765 appeared on [S766 in slightly better quality] appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 611)

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