S812  NOTE: Deleted Entry!
S813 Seven Dollars In My Pocket
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba), Don - surname unknown - (ha).
Recorded at PLA, 23/01/70.
Engineered by Jack Adams?
Produced by Jimi.

S814 Jungle Jam
Jimi (gi), Mitch? (dr), Billy (ba), Juma and Jerry (congas, pe).
Recorded at HIT, 09?/69.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: Incomplete. Refer to S1115 for the complete version.
S815 Calling All Devil's Children
Jimi (gi), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba, gi), Jimi & Mitch & Noel & guests (crowd noises re-creating a fake bust).
Composed by Jimi Hendrix & Noel Redding.
Recorded at TTG, 21/10/68.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: <1> Slightly incomplete. <2> This is the same basic version as S757. Difference: added bust noises via an overdub.
S816 All Along The Watchtower
Jimi (gs, vo), Mitch (dr, congas), Dave Mason (ba, acoustic gi), Mitch? (temple block), unknown (ta).
Composed by Bob Dylan.
Special effect: Jimi (slide-effect via the back of his cigatette lighter with the gi on his lap).
Recorded at OLY, 21/01/68.
Engineered by Eddie.
Produced by Chas.
NOTE: This is the original basic track version of S034. Differences: with the original bass take; with congas; different mix.
S817 Bold As Love
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Noel (ba).
Recorded at OLY, 29/10/67.
Engineered by Eddie.
Produced by Chas.

S818 Jazz Jimi Jam
Jimi (gi), Buddy (dr), Jack Bruce? (ba).
Recorded at PLA, 69.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: Incomplete. Refer to S1093 for the complete version.
S819 Electric Lady Land
Jimi (gi), Buddy (dr), unknown (ba). Special effect: Jimi (tremolo).
Recorded at PLA, 14/06/68.
Engineered by Gary.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: <1> Incomplete. Refer to S1094 for the complete version. <2> This is an out-take of S153.
S820 Crash Landing
Jimi (gs, vo), unknown - not Mitch or Buddy - (dr), unknown - not Noel or Billy - (ba), unknown (or).
Recorded at PLA, 24/04/68.
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is the original and unaltered version of S156, without guitar overdubs.


S813 - S820 appeared on S813 appeared on S815 appeared on [S816, but now with Jimi's count-in added] appeared on S817 appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (p. 616)

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