S896 Country Blues/Astro Man/Hey Baby (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
Jimi (gi), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba), Don -surname unknown- (ha).
Recorded at PLA, 23/01/70.
Enginnered by Jack Adams?
Produced by Jimi.
NOTE: <1> Incomplete. <2> This is from the same session as S722.
S897 Valleys Of Neptune
Jimi (gi, vo), Mitch (dr), Billy (ba), Juma and/or Jerry (congas, pe).
Recorded at HIT, 08 or 09/69.
Produced by Heaven Research Unlimited.
NOTE: <1> This is a more complete version of S257, which includes the rambling middle-part but omits the ending with talk by Jimi and Mitch. <2> The above recording details include several corrections not found with the original S257 listing.
S898 Ships Passing In The Night
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Dallas Taylor? (dr), unknown -not Noel- (ba), unknown (trumpet), Stephen Stills? (pi).
Recorded at PLA, 14?/05/69.
Produced by Jimi.

S899 Stepping Stone
Jimi (gs, vo), Buddy (dr, cow-bell), Billy (ba).
Recorded at PLA, 14/11/69.
Enginnered by Bob Hughes.
Produced by Heaven Research Unlimited.

Send My Love To Linda [S259 and S260 spliced together]


S896 - S899 and other appeared on [S896, but now in a slightly different 1999 mix] appeared on S896 and S897 appeared on S898 appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (pp. 630/1)

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