S969 Somewhere
Jimi (gi, voice), Buddy (faint bit of dr), Jimi? (rhythm gi), unknown engineer (voice from control-room).
recorded at CEN, 13/03/68.
produced by Chas.
NOTE: This is a stripped down (basic track) version of S768, with the bass and vocals removed in 1974.
Coming Down Hard On Me Baby [S147, but without the echo effect at the end].
S970 Coming Down Hard On Me Baby
Jimi (gs, vo), Mitch (dr), Billy (ba).
recorded at ELE, 14?/07?/70.
engineered by Eddie.
produced by Jimi.
NOTE: This is the complete version of S147.
S971 Trying To Be Jam
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), unknown (dr), Billy (ba), Larry (rhythm gi), Juma (pe), unknown (voice).
recorded at HIT, 08?/69.
produced by Jimi.
NOTE: Trying To Be is an early try-out of Stepping Stone.
S972 Highway Of Desire
Jimi (gi, vo, voice), Buddy (dr), Billy (ba), Don -surname unknown- (ha).
recorded at PLA, 23/01/70.
engineered by Jack Adams?
produced by Jimi.
NOTE: S972 and S813 is a medley.
S973 Ezy Ryder Jam
Jimi (gi), unknown (dr), unknown (ba), unknown (or), or Jimi (gi, with an organ effect).
recorded at unknown, 69 or 70.


S969 - S973 and other appeared on [most of S970, but now in better quality] appeared on S972 appeared on S973 appeared on

quoted from Electric Gypsy 2 (pp. 640/1)

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