Information About Me

 My Name:        Kazuhiro Moriyama
 My Handle:      Jinmin Ichigou
 Location:       Tochigi Japan
 Birth Date:     08/04/63
 Sex:            Male
 Marital Status: Single
 Computers:      VIP6200 (PentiumII OverDrive Processor 333MHz)
 Hobbies:        Driving, computers, MIDI music listening
 Occupation:     Dress making
 Quote:          The Home page of the people, by the people, for the people.
 Searchable by:  NiftyServe and Internet

I live in Tochigi with my father now. When I was young I belonged to JAPAN AIR FORCE. I wanted to be a fighter pilot. In fact I was at Hofu air base as an aviation cadet. But I was eliminated, for my eyesight failed.

Though I retired, I still like airplanes. And I have a bosom friend who has become a fighter pilot. I cannot fly like him, so I play Flight Simulator with my computer.

Do you know Microsoft Flight Simulator? It's my favorite software.

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