How To Draw Cute Girl Images using tgif

How to Draw A Cute Girl Image using tgif

Regarding the image that I made public in 4th September, I took a couple of snapshots during the creation of the image using xwd. So, here I show how the image was created using tgif.


The technique I show here in this page should be useful when you draw such images using draw-tools in general such as MacDraw, or Illustrator.

I usually draw rough sketches before I begin to create an image. Among ten or more sketches, if I find a COOL or GOOD sketch, I make my mind "WOW, I want to create the image based on this sketch!" The image changes along with the creation using tgif. If I am satisfied by the resultant image, It's OK. Oh, I must add one thing. I recently received emails from those who began drawing gal-images using tgif. They asked me how to use many colors on tgif. Here I put a file which contains 216 colors for gal-drawing. Put this file to .Xdefaults and tgif can handle the color in the file. Try!

First, I draw the outline of the face using tgif's curbed and closed line. The important point here is the number of control points that determines the curvature of the line. You can change the number of control points afterwards. But you'd better be able to calculate the number of points in this stage.
Then, I put the nose, eyes, and mouth. It is also important to calculate the number of control points.
Here, I draw the outline of neck, arm, and shoulder. The important point here is, which line should be linked to which line, or which object should be tied to which object.
Now, I draw the ear, hair, irises, and fingers. Then select all objects and change the mode from simple line to white-filled black-outlined object. You can see the order of the objects, that is, which object is the top, and which is the bottom and so forth. You can imagine how the image will be completed.
To check the local and overall balance of the image, I usually flip the object horizontally. Even though the drawn image looks fine, the flipped image often reveals something wrong. It is safer to flip again and again until the image balance converges.
OK, let's paint the face. First, I select the face object (white-filled and black-outlined) and turn the fill-color to black and turn the outline-color to none.
Second, I duplicate the blackened face object and put it at the same position of the original, and then turn the fill-color to white.
Here, the image is magnified. I slightly change the shape of the whitened face-object to make the face-outline. You should avoid to make the width of the outline uniform. Such uniform outline is not cool.
Let's paint eyes and irises as I did in the process above. The object with outline must have at least two sub-objects where one for blackened background which is actually the outline, and the other for the color-painting.
Likewise, let's draw mouth.
Then I change the face-color to the dark skin-color. Since the face will have three different color where one for bright, one for medium, and one for dark, you should duplicate the face object two more times to paint the face.
Likewise, let's draw the body. The image looks almost complete, though it is actually long before complete. There are many things to do.
To guess how the hair-style will be, I turn the hair-lines into black-filled object. OK, let's go to bed.
The hair-style and hair-color are completely changed.
I flip the image, because I created too much images with the left-oriented face. Also, it is important to check the balance after roughly painted. Regarding the hair, each bunch of hair consists of at least three sub-objects, where one for outline, one for bright color, and the rest for the dark part.
Let's paint the shining parts of hair with two bright colors, one should be the similar color to the bright hair color, and the other should be perfect white. OK, now it's the time to refine. I put eyelashes, and shadows of hair on the face.
Finally, I decide that this image should be of right-oriented face. The background, the sea was painted using xpaint and xv. It is relatively easy to refine the image using tgif. So, I usually refine again and again. It takes a long time as the result to refine the image.

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