Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 1

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 1 "The fangs know it"
Very Detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

In the night, a blinking streetlamp. A girl student in the school uniform is lying on the ground. A boy approaches and tries to wake her up. "Miss Kamimura!" said the boy. The girl is, but, dead. The girl has scars by fangs on her neck.

The boy finds a shadow of a girl in short kimono going away from the place, and he tries to chase her. The girl disappears with mysterious smoke.

Opening Narration: "Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's mind and lead to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. But such goddemons that broke out of the darkness are still live in the world of people today, and are wriggling between day and night. An overseer that returns the goddemons in astray to the world of darkness. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anybody."

Every student in the class is talking about the mysterious blood-sucking murder. The boy who saw the murder is sure that the girl was killed by a vampire.

The teacher of the class room introduces a transferee. She introduces herself saying "I am Yamano Miyu." The boy is surprised because she is exactly the girl whom he saw soon after the murder. The teacher indicates Miyu the seat by the boy and orders her to be seated. The boy, Machiyama, is even more surprised.

In the class of Japanese language, a woman teacher of Japanese is reading a famous text. When she read "Kapitan" aloud, Machiyama says "Kapitan means Captain in English, but here it actually means something else, doesn't it, Teacher Maiko?" The teacher says "Yes, but may I go ahead?" Machiyama seems interested in Teacher (Yanagihara) Maiko.

In the time for examination, a girl student is writing something on a paper. When Teacher Yanagihara finds it and says "What is this?", The girl answers "Nothing but a graffiti." Teacher gets angry with her and says "Nothing? Don't be silly! If you have a time to do such a side work, check your answer again. Only three minutes left." The girl unwillingly says "I am sorry".

Miyu is watching a photo album of the graduates from the school. Coming is the boy student Machiyama with a lot of books in his arm. He spokes to her "Do you have anything to know?" Miyu replies "Teacher Yanagihara is the graduate from this school isn't she?" Machiyama answers her. He says, Teacher (Yanagihara) Maiko is a graduate from this school and she was the top in a university of literature, and even graduated a graduate school, but she became a teacher due to the family affair. He says he also knows about the details of the family affair. Miyu is surprised. He says "There is nobody who is interested in the stuffs I talk about. So I investigated her. It is quite natural to investigate something interesting. This is one." He shows Miyu the books he brought. All of the books are concerning vampire-related stuffs. He says he ordered the school to have the kind of books because he is quite interested in vampire-related stuffs. And he added that he is interested in the reality of vampire. He says "Because I saw it." Miyu says "You saw something like a dream didn't you?" Machiyama thinks that Miyu is talking tough. Miyu leaves.
Teacher Yanagihara comes back from the school to home. She speaks to someone saying "Sorry to be late. I had a conference today too. They think conference is the only business to do. Aren't you hungry? I run out of energy." She eats a chocolate stick. What she is speaking to is a big chameleon. She continues "There's nobody but you. (You are always) My side. I cannot believe any teacher, any student... Yeah, those guys again !" She unfolds the paper she picked from the girl student in the time for exam. The paper reads "Yohko died and that's a relief to you isn't it? Teacher Maiko."

She recalls that incident.

She was in front of a convenience store and was about to open the umbrella. A girl student patted her on the shoulder. Maiko turns her face with surprise. The girl said "You are one of us!"

She casts the paper to the trash can. She seems to be threatened by the girls who happened to see something she did. She is troubled a lot by the girls. The chameleon is gazing her with its big eyes.

In the night. A girl student is calling her friend in the telephone-booth saying "I say, you put (the message) to my pager. Yeah, that's true! You said let's investigate about Yohko, together!" Then she shouts and she was killed by something.

Machiyama is in his room with a lot of mysterious goods. He is sitting in a magic circle. He looks up at the full moon and says "I will get a proof! The proof that she is a vampire! The full moon means the time of activity. Okay, I investigate it."

Machiyama goes out and walk around. He finds a girl dead in the telephone booth. He finds the scars by byte on her neck. He saw Miyu in short kimono is going away from the place and he tries to follow her.

Miyu is actually on the roof of a house with Lavah. Miyu says "Excuse me. I don't like to be dogged." She says the boy is slightly annoying but she does not actually care about him. Lavah asks if Miyu is in need of blood. She replies "Say, Lavah, don't you think I also have a right to choose?" Then a small creature falls down from the tree above Miyu. The creature speaks to Miyu "He passed by the graveyard. What did you set to him?" Miyu does not actually answer it. The creature says "You always dodge. Let's be more friendly." Miyu says "Shiina (Death-null), do you wanna be sealed as well?" Shiina says "Oh, you are cold to me!"

All the students in the class are talking about the second murder. Some says it must be a revenge. But others say it is too cruel to kill two girls in such a way. Yamanouchi, the girl student who patted Teacher Yanagihara on the shoulder in front of the convenience store looks slightly strained. Others say "What does she thinking, Yamanouchi is a friend of the two girls killed mysteriously."

Teacher Yanagihara comes in, and she forces to start her business, teaching Japanese to students. She says that to investigate the murder is the business of the police, her business is to teach students. She shouted "Do I have to beg a permission to start my business?"

Teacher Yanagihara is taking care of flowers in the greenhouse. Miyu speaks to her "You are taking care of flowers, aren't you?" Yanagihara answers she loves flowers because flowers speak nothing annoying. Miyu says "I also think it good. However beautiful the flowers are, they have no crime." Yanagihara asks her what does she mean. Miyu does not answer clearly but say "Nothing but I think so." Yanagihara thinks that Miyu is a funny girl.

Miyu goes out of school, whom Machiyama is dogging. Miyu gets to Teacher Yanagihara's and then leaves. Machiyama calls Yanagihara through the door phone. And Yanagihara lets him in.

Machiyama tells her that Miyu is a vampire and the next target is Teacher (Yanagihara) Maiko. Yanagihara does not take it seriously. She says "it is rather an imagination than a speculation." She tells Machiyama that it is not good to see the classmates with a prejudice from such an imagination." While she is preparing some coffee for Machiyama, he looks around her room. He finds a small box with many girlish items in it and says "girlish," and then he sees her pet and say "and her pet is in bad taste." Then Yanagihara comes in and says "Don't judge by the appearances." Machiyama says "I hear it's a fashion to have this kinda pet." She says "He is my friend. He listens to me when I have something that I can't tell to others." Machiyama says that even if she cannot believe other people, he is quite reliable." Yanagihara, however, says something that implies "go home" to him.

Machiyama goes out of Yanagihara's and he is walking the street. Then coming is Miyu. When she passed by Machiyama, she says "You'd better not to concern any more." Machiyama finds that Miyu's image is reflected by a mirror before the furniture shop. He is surprised because Miyu whom he regard as a vampire is reflected by the mirror.

In the school, Yamanouchi is trying to give a cross to Teacher Yanagihara. But she refuses it and shakes the cross off. Yamanouchi picks it from the floor, and says "I don't care at all. Everybody has a chance to be in bad condition." Yamanouchi forcefully push the cross into Yanagihara's pocket and goes away.

In the garden, Teacher Yanagihara is sitting on the bench and crying. She recalls again the incident before the convenience store.

She was in the store. She carelessly picks a chocolate stick from the shelf and put it in her pocket. She found that she had done a shoplifting, and she was surprised by what she had done. But she went out of the shop. It was Yamanouchi and two other girls who had patted her on the shoulder. Yamanouchi said "You are one of us!" Another girl said "I don't mean I would blame you. See." and the three girls showed her the goods they had lifted from the shop. The other girl said "Anybody have a chance to want to do (a shoplifting). And you cannot blame us any more."

In Yanagihara's room. She has been much troubled by the three girls. They have tried to trouble even more by presenting small goods to her again and again. She says "Well, yes, only one yet to finish. Only one yet. Yanagihara is almost unified with a goddemon.

Yanagihara goes out in the night and Machiyama stealthily dogs her. And on the roof of the school building, Yamanouchi stands against Yanagihara. Yanagihara scatters the girlish items on the ground. Yamanouchi says "Hmmm, you treat the gifts from others in the way like that?" Yanagihara says "I am not one of you. I will never do that again."

When Yamanouchi shouts "Are you going to tell others about us?" a chameleon-like goddemon appears from Yanagihara's back. Yanagihara says "No. but I am thinking to make you silent."

The goddemon is "Garyuu (Fang-dragon)." Yanagihara says "He is my friend. He erases whatever I dislike." Garyuu says "This woman wished in the depth of her mind that thou and others would disappear from this world. And I have granted what she had wished." Garyuu sucks blood of Yamanouchi and kills her. Machiyama is watching what is going on.

There is a sound of pipe. Miyu is playing the pipe before the full moon. Garyuu finds her and says "Thou art an overseer?" Miyu says "At last, you appeared before me! You cannot runaway. You did many evil things. But, this place is not the world for you to live in. Go back to the darkness obediently." Garyuu says Miyu is also one of goddemons who sucks blood of people. Miyu says "Don't regard me as one of the goddemons that stealthily live, presuming on people's weakness." Garyuu attacks Miyu and Miyu dodges. Miyu shouts "Lavah!" and Lavah attacks Garyuu. Miyu shouts "You, goddemon in astray! return to the darkness!" The fire flame Miyu has launched burns Garyuu.

Yanagihara says "Everybody died, due to me." and Miyu says "It's not that you are wrong. Everybody has a weakness in their mind. Evil is that goddemon that possessed your mind." And Miyu sucks blood of her, saying "have a rest in the eternity of happiness."

Machiyama comes and says "Great! Great! you are a good vampire! As is written in the novel! Wait! Let me be one of you!It's boresome to live among mean people! I also judge the evil guys!" Miyu says "Everybody is burdened with the hardships. But you are free from being burdened aren't you? And then you are trying to enjoy by judging people, although you are one of people!" Machiyama tries to follow her but Miyu disappears with Lavah. Machiyama falls from the roof of the school-building.

Teacher Yanagihara is taking care of flowers with blank look. Broken glass, and siren from a city ambulance.Miyu's voice says "Now that It's not boresome to you."

End of the episode 1

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