Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 2

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 2 "The forest calls"
Very detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

Miyu is viewing outside from the window in the classroom. Three girls are talking. One of the girls proposes "Say, how about calling Miss Yamano." Another girl who looks boyish says "I wonder if that girl is interested in something like that." And the other girl with glasses adds "She seems to be interested in something different." The girl who has proposed still insists "But she has just transfered here, we should call her from our side." And finally the boyish girl agrees with her, saying "If Chisato think so, you may do as you like."

Chisato, the proposer, approaches to Miyu and says "Miss Yamano, how about going to Yashirozaka together?" Miyu is slightly surprised but asks to Chisato, "What is there?" Chisato answers "Oh, nothing special, I mean, we are going to walk. Say! Let's go." Miyu does not quite understand why Chisato invites her. "How come (you invite) me?" Chisato says "'Cos, you look glum, and I didn't think that you are good at making friends." Miyu does not smile but say "You speak quite frankly, (anyway). Call me Miyu." Chisato, but, continues "OK, then, Miyu, let's have a lunch together." Miyu follows the three saying "Alright."

The four girls including Miyu are having a lunch together under a big tree. Chisato introduces the other two girls to Miyu, "And,,, Yukari is the strongest in the school, and Hisae reads books the most." The girl named Hisae says "Don't exaggerate!" but Chisato continues, "Say Miyu, what is your specialty?" Miyu returns the question to Chisato with emotionless face, "Me? Must I have some specialty?" Chisato answers with innocence "No. I have nothing special too." Finally Miyu gives up to be against Chisato's innocent conversation and says "You are cute, and it's nice for you." Chisato looks happy and says "Did you hear? (She says) I'm cute!" Then Yukari, the boyish girl, says "Yeah, 'cos your apples look rabbits." Each piece of cut apple in Chisato's lunch box look like a rabbit. "These are the stuffs my mother did!" Excuses Chisato. Yukari says "Anyhow, they are cute."

Miyu looks up at the tree above and says "Very pretty." Chisato agrees with Miyu and says "Yes! A tree is good. I like this (tree) the best in the school!"

The four girls are walking around Yashirozaka. They stops in front of an accessory dealer. Chisato says "Hey, Miyu, this is pretty isn't it?" Miyu nods and says "Yeah." The accessory dealer explains "This is called "an icon of friendship." If you have this, you will be good friends till the end of life." Chisato says "Really? Then I buy two." The dealer discounts the merchandise and says "I sell these at only 800 yen!" Chisato thanks his and says "Wow! Thank you very much!" and she passes one to Miyu saying "Have this!" Miyu looks slightly surprised and she says "to me?" "The proof of my friend." is Chisato's answer. Miyu says "Thank you."

The four girls are having chat in a coffee shop. Chisato is still trying to talk with Miyu as much as possible. "Miyu often speaks something quite funny." Miyu asks to the innocent Chisato "Am I so funny?" Chisato answers "Yeah, 'cos you speak such a language like my grandpa's." Hisae begins to think that Chisato is too rude, and adds " (It's because) she is cultured."

Chisato says "Oh, no. why don't the things enjoyable last long?" Hisae adds "We have a school tomorrow again." Chisato says with innocent face "I wanna be a kid forever." Miyu reacts the word and says " Is that so?" Yukari says a joke saying "No problem. Chisato is a kid till the end of her life." Chisato says "Oh, (you say that) again." The four girls are laughing.

On the way home, the three girls say good-bye to Miyu. Chisato says " See you, tomorrow in the school!" And Miyu replies "Good bye." Chisato says the greetings again "Bye Bye!" Miyu is thinking about the friends and says "Friends,,,. hmm."

Opening narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's mind and lead to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. But such goddemons that broke out of the darkness still live in the world of people today, and are wriggling between the day and night. An overseer that returns the goddemons in astray to the world of darkness. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anybody.
A boy is suffering from a nightmare before the desk. A dream in which he is in a forest. Walking in the forest, he sees a warrior with a mask. The warrior with the mask grins, and attacks the boy. The boy shouts and,, Then he wakes up.

The boy walks out from his room. The clock tells 2 o'clock midnight. A mask on the wall. When he washes himself at his face, the mirror reflects his appearance with the mask on his face.

In the school room, Chisato speaks to Miyu, "It's unfair to have had a sudden exam of music (class)." Miyu answers "Yet, Chisato, you sang well." Chisato still complains "I like singing, but I don't like classics. I say, where is Solento? In Russia?" Then Chisato looks at Yukari, and finds that Yukari looks serious. Chisato speaks to Yukari "Yukari...? What's the matter (with you)?"

Yukari turns the face to Chisato and says "Chisato, I introduce to you. This is Shigeri Yuuko of Class B. A friend of mine." Hisae adds "Her brother seems to be suffering from neuroses." Then the girl talking together with Yukari and Chisato begins "No, no, it's not. Everything (began) after that mask came to my home." Yukari does not quite understand what is really the matter with Yuuko and says "Mask, hmm." Hisae considers that Yuuko's brother is studying hard to prepare for the entrance exam to universities, and says "It is a coincidence, isn't it? (He is going to have) entrance exams, isn't he?" Yuuko explains about the situation "It's not! You will quite see that something is strange with him!" Finally Yukari says "Yuuko,,,,. OK. I also think that you are thinking too much about that. But if you are afraid that much, I am ready to go to see that. So, Cheer up!" Yuuko says "Okay." Chisato says with her innocent face "Then, let's go together! Ah, Miyu, Won't you go?" Chisato thinks that Miyu would not come together but Miyu says "Oh yes. I'd like to see, (I mean), the mask."

In front of Yuuko's house. Chisato is amazed by the big house, and says " WOW! Miss Shigeri's family is quite rich!" Yuuko explains " (We are) not (that rich) today. But (my family) was a big trader in the past. So, the house is like this, and my daddy is proud of himself, even today."

In Yuuko's house. There is a mask on the wall. Yukari looks at the mask and says "I see. If he sees this kinda thing everyday, it's quite natural that it appears in the(/his) dream." Chisato says "Weird! Say Miyu!" Miyu agrees with her "Well, yes.." Miyu is seriously thinking about the mask, "A goddemon? though it isn't such a goddemon that I know." Then Miyu sees an illusion that she is in a forest, and she finds the mask in the forest "Ah!" Chisato asks "Miyu, what's the matter?" Miyu replies "No, nothing."

Someone is coming home. Yuuko welcomes her brother "Ah, brother! Welcome home." Her brother looks glum and emotionless. He slightly nods and says "hmm." Hisae, Yukari, and Chisato say greetings with the different words. Hisae: "(Sorry for) disturbing (you.) (a usual greeting word)", Yukari: "Hi!" , and Chisato "How are you!" Yuuko's brother is going upstairs, saying "(Please) stay long (a usual greeting word)"

Yuuko says "My brother looks more slender." Yukari is afraid of Yuuko and says "You are thinking too much. This way, it will be you that will be sick."

Someone is coming home. It is Yuuko's father. He says "I come home." Then Yuuko's mother comes and says "Welcome home, you." Yuuko also welcomes her father, "Welcome home." Father asks "Your friends?" Then Yukari, Hisae, and Chisato say greetings in the same way as they did to Yuuko's brother. Yukari, "Hi!", Hisae "Disturbing.", and Chisato "How are you!" Yukari explains her father why her friend has come, " They say they are interested in that." Father admires, "Oh, it's praiseworthy because you are young." Hisae who reads the books the most in the school asks a question to Father, "This is from Africa isn't it?" Father admires Hisae and says "(You are surprising) you know well! A friend of mine there(i.e. in Africa) (was kind enough and) sent it to me." Chisato asks with innocent face, "But, don't you think it's weird?" Father laughs and says "Hahah! You might not quite understand, but it's quite valuable." Hisae asks a question again, " Is this anything to do with shamanism?" Father become serious, looks slightly angry with the question and says " Did Yuuko say anything to you? Even though it was used for some ceremony, it was hundreds of years ago. It's nothing but a superstition."

Yuuko finally says what she actually want to say, " Yet, since this came here, my brother has been..." Father says " Kouichi is not that cowardly person!" Yuuko again says "B,,But my brother says that he does not want to be a doctor." Father looks angry and says " (Did he say) such a thing? he troubles me!" Then Yukari interrupts, " Well, excuse me. How come (you want him) to be a doctor?" Father answers without doubt "Because he has a capability enough to be. That's quite natural!" Yukari is slightly amazed and says "Hmm."

On the way from Yuuko's. Yuuko is talking about Yuuko's father, "That kinda father would make Yuuko and her brother choke! And he is on the different wavelength." Chisato asks Hisae, "Hisae, the stuff you asked him is what?" Hisae answers "You mean the stuff about shamanism? I happened to suspect that some ancient charmer might have used that, ' cos I saw that kinda thing in a book." Chisato asks again "Then, it means that it is under a spell?" Hisae answers "I'm not sure if such kinda stuff really exists, though that pattern (on the mask) might have something like a hypnotic effect." Chisato does not seem to have understood. She asks Miyu "hmmm. Miyu, how do you like?" Miyu answers " I also intuitively think it's strange."

Miyu and Lavah are talking about the mask. Miyu says "Then, Lavah, you recognize that?" Lavah answers "Yes. It was when I was yet a western goddemon." Shiina (Deathnull) asks "You were so? When was it?" Miyu dodges "Forgotten. Say Lavah." "You are putting me aside." says Shiina.

Lavah continues "In those days, I pretended to be a western aristocrat, and was on board in a trader's ship. To spread the scope of western goddemon's influence, It was to scout for the purpose."

Lavah recalls.

A masked warrior appears in a fight.

Lavah explains "It was he that appeared then."

Merchants fire but cannot damage. Merchants break down one by one. Lavah: "Everybody withdraw! This guy has a magical power! Thy magic is useless to me. Thou art a goddemon?"

Lavah breaks the masked goddemon.

Lavah continues "The mask never appeared again. The merchants, however, all died in misery afterwards. I had to give up spreading our scope to the new continent. It is because the power of the mask was above our imagination." Miyu asks "The mask (you are talking about) come to follow you, Lavah? At this point of time?" Lavah answers "I also don't understand what that (mask) is thinking. Or, there might be something in Japan that attracts and calls him." Miyu says "Nowadays, goddemons are noisy." Miyu asks to Shiina "Shiina (Deathnull), don't you feel something?" Shiina answers "I ain't quite understan'. I be's an underling goddemon, anyway." Miyu touches Shiina gently and says "Don't be sulky that much." Then Shiina enlarges her eye and says "hmmm. Oh! I've got it. That mask something guy looks to have done somethin'."

A streetlamp. A man with the mask on his face. There comes a stalwart businessman. He is humming. A man with the very mask on his face stands against the businessman. The business man is surprised and says " What are you? Hey! Don't mistake! Do you see that I'm a weak woman?" The masked man attacks the businessman. Businessman shouts "What are you doing with roaring! Do you have the physical potential enough? You did enough!" Businessman breaks the masked man by only one punch.

In the hospital. Yuuko, Mother, Father are surrounding her Brother Kouichi. Yuuko says "It must be due to that mask, anyway!" Father disagrees with her, " It's impossible!" Yuuko continues " Then what else is the reason? My brother might have killed a person! That man was kind enough to forgive him, this time. But what are you going to do from now on?"

Then Kouichi recovers consciousness. Mother and Yuuko calls Kouichi, "Kouichi!", "Brother!" The word from Kouichi is "Mask.... that mask is OK?" Mother is amazed at the words, and says "What are you talking about, Kouichi!" Yuuko, but, answers his question, " No problems. My brother." Kouichi looks relieved and says " I see. Then, alright." Yuuko says to his father, " Do you say he is yet quite normal?"

In the class room, Yuuko asks to Yukari, saying "I hope! Save my brother!" Yukari says "Even if you say so... Well Hisae, what shall we do?" Hisae answers "The problem is, rather her father." Yukari says " Well, that type of guy would never believe in anything without actually seeing it with his own eyes. Okay." Chisato asks "What are you going to do?" Yukari answers "You will see if you come." Chisato wonders "I..." Yukari interrupts and says " I don't force you to come, 'cos there's a chance of violence." Chisato still wonders " I wonder if I should (go.)" Miyu says suddenly "I am going." And Chisato is surprised and says "Really? but..."
In Yuuko's house. Father still says "I don't believe in!" Hisae adds "I don't believe in that too. But if something happens, don't you think it's better to dispose that." Father says " (You are saying something) quite absurd!" Chisato asks a quite innocent question, "Say, Don't you think we will become ill." Then Miyu answers "I think no problems."

The clock tells 2 o'clock midnight.

Kouichi comes downstairs.

Father calls Kouichi "Kouichi!" Kouichi tries to pick the mask on the wall. Yuuko shouts "Ah! Brother!" Father also shouts "Kouichi! Stop such a stupid stuff!" Then Kouichi breaks his father. Yuuko is shocked. Then Yukari runs to Kouichi and says "Wake up!" and then she breaks Kouichi.

Miyu picks the mask up. Hisae speaks to Miyu "Miyu!" Miyu does not stop, but runs taking the mask. Chisato also calls Miyu "Miyu!" Yukari asks " Miyu, where to go? Miyu!"

Miyu runs into a vacant room and shuts the door. Yukari tries to open the door but it is locked from inside. Yukari shouts " Miyu! What's the matter! Miyu!"

Miyu sets her spiritual world, and stands against the mask.

Miyu speaks to the Mask "This is my world. I don't permit you to do as you like. Are you a goddemon?" The mask groans. Miyu continues asking, For what did you come here? Answer my question." Lavah comes and says " It's useless, Miyu. Our language is not intelligible to him."

Lavah put off his mask.

Lavah asks "Do you recognize me?" The mask reacts and groans. Lavah says "You seem to remember me. Now I decide the issue one hundred years ago."

The masked warrior attacks Lavah. And a fight starts. The lance the mask has thrown sticks Lavah at his right shoulder. Miyu shouts "Lavah!" and she speaks "You, goddemon! Return to the darkness!" The flame Miyu has launched does not damage the masked warrior. Miyu is surprised and says "Incredible!" Shiina(Deathnull) comes, and says " Miyu, this guy's body is a dummy." Miyu answers "I know, Shiina."

Miyu launches flames again, but the masked goddemon neutralizes them. Miyu is surprised and says "Oh! My flame gives no damage!" Lavah interrupts and says "Miyu, please withdraw! This is my fight!"

Lavah pull off the lance stuck to his shoulder, and attacks the masked goddemon. He dodges the attacks from the mask, and finally he sticks the center of the mask with the lance.

The mask breaks into two parts.

Lavah says "It's over." Miyu asks gently "Lavah, are you alright?" Miyu touches Lavah at his wounded cheek. Lavah says "Thank you, Miyu."

Yukari breaks the door-nob, and finally opens the door. She gets in. Yukari shouts "Miyu, are you alright?"

Miyu sits still in the room alone, with the broken mask in her hands. And says "I happened to break (this.)" Yukari says with relief "Miyu!"

The flame that burns the mask. Yuuko's father says " (I never thought) this kinda thing had the power." Hisae still talks about hypnotic something, "Probably, he was in a kind of hypnotic trance state." Yuuko calls his brother "Brother!" Kouichi says "Yes.. There's no longer the mask." Yukari says "Anyhow, this way, I think nothing will happen." Miyu agrees with her "Right."
Miyu is in her world.

Miyu asks "Say Lavah, how do you like? Was it his mind that called the goddemon?" Lavah answers "Even if it was so, we could have done nothing against it." Miyu agrees and says " Miyu: Right. It is above my role to do so, isn't it? Is the scar sore?" Lavah replies " "No." Miyu asks again "Lavah, Do you wanna return? I mean, to the world of western goddemons." "I fought against the past, and I overcame it." was the answer. Miyu says "Oh, yes, you did." Shiina(Deathnull) comes and says "Oh, they two are in their own world!"

Kouichi is asleep on the desk. And then the drawer opens, there is the very mask. Kouichi goes out with the mask on his face.

The mask says, "Return us the forest!"

Kouichi wakes up. He opens the drawer only to find there's no mask. Kouichi goes downstairs. Father speaks to Kouichi "What's the matter, Kouichi?" Kouichi keeps silent for a while and, says " Daddy, regarding the course (in the university/after the high school)"

Kouichi's voice, "Return the forest!"

End of the episode 2

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