Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 3

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 3 "A Portrait of Sepia"
Very detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

The image in the Sepia color.

Narration "The memory of the far days is gradually dyed into the color of memory. In some case, it turns into the scene in the faded monotone. However, it makes the memory purer, as if it were yesterday's event, as a fresh image."

In Tokiwa University.

In the university building, the sound of footsteps. the sound of stick. A man walking with a stick.

In the book-storehouse, a man is re-ordering books.

The man complains "This is out of time limit. Without taking care of these, we have a pile of these." The man finds old films saying "What?" And he pick it up. "1960?" The label shows "A Portrait of Sepia, Tokiwa University Cinema-club, Directed by Ooshima Youichi." he says "This is a private stuff. This warehouse is not the place to put a rubbish. We should dispose of this." He puts the films into the box for disposing. Then a shadow comes out from the film. "Ah! Ah!!!" The shadow has big lips, and the man was attacked by the shadow.

The man with stick walks with the film under his arm.

Opening, Narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.

The image of an old movie in the sepia color.

In the movie, there are a man and a woman talking together. The man says "I often dream. The dream of the day a couple of decades from now, when I am an old man." The woman says "I wonder how you are living in the dream?" The man answers "The same as I am today. I am still such a man who is addicted to imaginations, and never tries to watch the reality." Then the woman says "However, it might be very fantastic. If we could live forever with nothing but dreaming."

The man says suddenly "In the dream..." Woman says "What?" The man dodges "Oh, Imean, nothing."

Chisato, Yukari, and Hisae are watching the movie. Yukari is asleep. And Miyu is behind them.

The movie suddenly ends at the scene where the man sit on the bench. The lecture room for the movie-show is lighted up.

It is a domestic movie show held by Tokiwa University Cinema-club. The girl at the reception says "Thank-you very much."

In the lecture room, an old man sits with the stick. There come Chisato, Hisae and Yukari. Hisae speaks to the man, "Professor, Thank you very much for inviting us here." He looks up at Hisae and says "You are the Tokiwa academy's... " Hisae answers "I am Aoki Hisae. I came here as the representative of the library committee. These are friends of mine." Yukari says "Hi!" and Chisato says "How are you!" as usual. Hisae explains "Professor is an old boy(a graduate) of our (committee), and he donates books to us. He is the advisor of the cinema- club." Yukari asks "Well, I mean, it is a very old movie isn't it?" Miyu comes. Professor answers " A film that I thought we lost was found. I watch this after the long time since I watched before, though it is incomlete." Chisato asks with the usual innocent face "Oh, then, the hero is you, Professor?" Professor replies " It's self-made-self-play. I am very shamed of it. It might have been tedious for you." Hisae denies "No! I was much moved! As if they were true lovers." Chisato agrees with her, "Yes. I thought so too." Professor continues "Yes, when I filmed it, I was truly in loved." Hisae asks "With the woman (who played) the heroine?" Professor answers "Yes. In those days, she was the flower of the university. It was that everybody adored her." Hisae still asks "Then why was the movie incomplete?" Professor answers " She quitted the university due to a certain affair. And she never appeared before me. The hope that I entrusted to the movie was cut out then. In this sense, my hope has not yet been realized. Anyhow, it is the thing long time ago. The event in the memory."

Miyu feels something.

In the garden. Chisato, Yukari, Hisae and Miyu are talking. There are many couples.

Yukari says "A good story wasn't it? Chisato says "You were actually asleep, then." Yukari then answers slight angrily "I am difficult about movies of love-story. I am talking about the professor's story." Yukari drinks juice, and Chisato eats a humburger. Chisato says with dreaming eyes "The love through a long time! Quite romantic!" Yukari finds that Hisae looks quite serious and asks "Wh, What? What's the matter, Hisae?" Hisae answers "I am thinking about the woman of the heroine. I wonder how she is today." Yukari responds "She should be already an old woman. She may be taking care of her grandchild in an ordinary family." But Hisae is not quite satisfied by the answer and says "Is that so? I don't think she's forgot that today. I think she should know what the professor had wanted to tell in the movie. So...." Yukari adds "Hmm, He did not say explicitly... that he loved her." Chisato says with the usual innocent face " Say, how about looking for the woman. And, have them meet again, like some TV program for reunion." Hisae reacts with brilliant eyes, "Do you think we can? Do you think Professor will be glad at?" Chisato looks miyu and says "Sure! Miyu, what do you think?" Miyu but says "I don't think we should do that." Chisato asks with surprise "Why?" Miyu answers "I think a memory should better be left as a memory." Hisae but says "But, he looks lonely. I think he still loves her. And I think if we can complete that, on behalf of the movie." Yukari stands up and says "Then, how about at least investigate about it? And It's up to him what he will do." And Chisato stands up and says aloud " OK! We decided! I am quite excited!"

In the night. In the house. A projector. Professor Ooshima is watching a photo-album. There are a lot of pictures of the heroine in the movie. The scenes of the making of the movie. Then, his wife comes in. Wife asks with a slight anger, "Haven't you ordered things?" Ooshima answers "It's not that easy to do." Wife explains "Ryousuke will come next week." Ooshima asks "Are you going to rebuild?" Wife says "He says he will pay the rent-fee of this place. What is your complaint for the two-generation house." Ooshima sighs and says " Phew,,. I have no complaints, while I have a lot of memories of this house." Wife says with anger "I have nothing but disgusting memories." She continues "I received a phone-call from Prof. Taniguchi at Meikei University. I hear You refused?" Ooshima says with smile "Yeah. Now that I cannot teach the subject different from my specialty." Wife gets even angrier, and says "He says they employ you as a professor. You should be grateful that you have a after-job even though you are an associate professor. Do you seriously think if you have many alternatives to choose?" Ooshima answers gently "Yeah." Wife shuts the door strongly and leaves saying "You!" Ooshima takes the film from the bag, and then he extinguishes cigarette.

Ooshima utters "If I had... at that time..."

The night with semi-half moon.

In the library.

Chisato says to Yukari "I didn't think about the list of graduates." "If Tokiwa university, it is quite probable that the woman is the graduate from this school. Oh, here it is, Sudou Kayoko," says Yukari and indicates the name in the graduate list. Chisato asks " But her address is currently different isn't it?" Yukari continues " And she entered into Tokiwa high school. Hisae, you can enter into the library of highschool can't you?" Hisae answers with smile "Yes. we are exchanging books with them." Yukari says " Let's trace one by one, collect information and we will know how she is." Chisato utters " I hope Miyu to help us." Yukari says "we don't have to force her."

In the night, Ooshima come back home. In the port space, there are a lot of shoes. Ooshima utters "They are here?" Walking in the house, he hears his son is speaking. His son(Ryosuke) says "Mom is always troubled. Daddy looks like that but is stubborn anyway." Wife says "I don't have him complain! It is me who's supported this family and it is me who is the actual owner of this house." Ryousuke says "But is it OK with him that you exchanged rooms on your own accord?" Wife says with anger "I don't care!"

Ooshima then knows what might have happened to his room.

Ooshima's room was cleaned.

And he sit down with disappointment. And comes his wife. Ooshima asks his wife with anger "What does this mean?" Wife answers coldly "I disposed of everything. They are needless for you aren't they? Because you will not lecture on movies. Ryousuke will use this room from next week."

Under the moon-light, Ooshima is looking for something in the rubbish place. Ooshima utters "Where is that? Where did he cast!" He finds the film and says "Here it is!" Ooshima holds the film.

"Did you find your memory?" says Miyu in the school uniform.

Ooshima says "You are .. at that time." Miyu continues "It isn't bad to live in the memory, I think so. But the film is possessed by a goddemon." "I don't quite understand what. Excuse me," says Ooshima and Ooshima leaves.

Ooshima's shadow, however, remains, and changes into...

Miyu says "You are here as I thought." The shadow attacks Miyu with laughter. And Miyu escapes from the attack. Miyu calls "Larva!"

Larva's attack is not effective. He is gripped at his face and.. Miyu shouts "Larva!" Then Miyu sees the street-lumps that make the shadow and shouts "Let there be flame!" The flame that Miyu lauched breaks the street-lump one by one, and the shadow disappears.

Miyu asks "Larva! Are you alright?" Larva answers "Yes. That guy is a shadow anyway. My power is not effective." Miyu says "Yes. We have to take a messure."

It turns into the morning. Chisato and other two are walking. Yukari says "It must be around here." Hisae adds "This address is correct." Chisato finds a house and says "Say, it may be this." Yukari looks at the house and says "Well, exactly it is but.. Oh!"

The name plate shows "Ooshima." Hisae says "This means, the professor's?" Chisato says "It can't be!"

Someone comes out. Ooshima's wife. Hisae asks to the woman "Excuse me, is it Prof. Ooshima's" Ooshima's wife says "Yes, it is. My husband is still in the bed now." Yukari asks "Well, Miss Sudou Kayoko is..." Ooshima's wife answers with anger "My name before the marriage, but who are you?" Yukari tries to dodge "Well, I mean,,.." and Hisae apologizes "No, nothing, I mean, I am very sorry." Wife shuts the door strongly.

Chisato asks to others "What does it mean? Is that heroine his wife?" Yukari answers "It seems she is." Hisae says "Then why Professor ..." Yukari adds "I still have one thing to check. I am not satisfied without investigating the details."

After the three left, Ooshima comes out from the port with the film under his arm. And he leaves.

The projector in motion. A movie is projected. And Ooshima is watching the movie. 3, 2, 1, 0 and the movie starts. The title is "A portrait of Sepia" Miyu appears and says "You noticed didn't you?"

Ooshimia asks "Did you know Why? What made everything in this way. What is that?" On the screen, many people including Ooshima's wife are projected as twisted images. Ooshima says "Everybody was swallowed! Although they watched the film!" "A Goddemon, the being that ruins people, did this," says Miyu.

Chisato and others are talking together with an eldery man around an outdoor table. The eldery man begins to talk about a story, " It was, oh yes, the year when I graduated. Ooshima got married with Miss Kayoko though they were students. Her family was of property. Her parents were opposed and they eloped." Hisae asks "That's why the movie is imcomlete, then." He continues "Well yes. Ooshima had a dream that he would be a scholar. And Mrs. Kayoko worked to support him, though hardship changes the personality. I think she regards him as a maniac scholar, or a husband who could not be promoted. It means, one cannot live only with a dream." Hisae asks "But, it is meaningless to live without dreams, isn't it?" The man answers "Correct. Particularly, for you young people. Did I break your dreams?" Hisae says "Oh, no. Thank you very much."

The man leaves. Yukari says "Sorry Hisae, we investigated too far." Chisato says "I didn't mean to do this." But Hisae looks quite satisfied "No, no! I think Professor still loves his wife. That's why he never lose his memory. I want to think so!

In the room of projector, Ooshima talks, " I once committed a fault in the past. It must have been alright if I only watched her. It is because I actually got her, I made her unhappy. I'm still following her in that day! And that's why I committed another fault again! I have many people have this (bitter experience). Miyu denies, and, says "It's because your hope is slightly too strong. Evil is the goddemon who presumed on that and possessed the film." But Ooshimia says "No. I knew it."
Flashback: Ooshima finds a shodow is entering into the film. The label on the film shows "A Portrait of Sepia, Tokiwa University Cinema-club Directed by Ooshima Youichi." And Ooshima picks the film and leaves.

Ooshima continues "I wanted to make this film forever mine. So, I could not stop it!" "However, the goddemon began to eat even your memory. This way, more and more people will be swallowed," says Miyu. Many people swallowed are in the image on the screan. Ooshima says " I guess so! My wife! Kayoko was.. I have to atone for them." There appears the goddemon. The goddemon "GenYe". Miyu says "Any way, you've been possessing Professor." Ooshima shouts That's enough! Take me! To the world of that screen! To the memory that hold me and never release!"

The shadow swallows Ooshima. And the shadow goes into the projector, and again appears in the image on the screen.

Larva says "That guy is inside the movie." Miyu says "We have no choice but to go."

Miyu develops her field, and go into the world of the movie. Larva says "Please be cautious. This is that guy's world." Miyu says "Is my power functional?" Then Shiina comes and says " It looks quite strange. I be's unstable! Miyu, look!" The goddemon GenYe is flying in the world of movie. Shiina says "That's rapid runner." Miyu shouts "Let there be Flame!" But her attack is not effective to the goddemon. Shiina says "We have not way." Then again Miyu finds the mechanism and says "There is light, and shadow never disappears. Yes. That's also an image." Miyu burns the sun in the world of movie. Then night comes. Shadow appears around a street-lump.

Miyu says "You have no place to go. Or, you escape into the darkness?" and she shouts "Stray Goddemon! To the darkness!"

The goddemon is burnt and and is returned to the darkness.

In the room of projector again. Miyu appears. The film drops from the projector and burns. Miyu says "It's alright, because I burned from inside." Larva asks "Those people were burnt too?" It is not my business to... I don't mean to judge people," says Miyu.
Again in the world of movie in the sepia color. The young Ooshima sit on the bench, and there comes the heroine. The heroine in the movie asks to the young Ooshima "What have you been doing?" Young Ooshima answers "Oh, I've been dreaming a long dream." The heroine says " I made my decision. I am going together with you. Am I disturbing you?" Ooshima says "No. You've been always nearby me. And also now."

"The goddemon was destroyed. But nobody returned from the memory." says Miyu's voice.

The image begins to burn.

End of the episode 3

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