Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 4

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 4 "Reiha draws nigh"
Very detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

A house in a deep mountain. Around the fire in the house, an old woman sits, and a man is talking. His story says, " Talking about public servants, you may think that they work in regular time, but (in my case) I usually went home midnight, and I often called to work midnight. I was then proud of myself thinking that it was the proof of my ability. One night, however, when I went home, my wife was hanging herself. The message from her read only one word 'lonely.'" Miyu is there and listening to him. The man continues, "That's why I am travelling for the atonement." The man's little daughter is playing with a cow-doll. She put off a locket from her neck, and says "This is my mom." The little girl passes the locket to Miyu. Miyu watches the picture inside the locket and says "Looks quite gentle." "Yeah! She was very gentle," said the little girl.

The old woman is actually asleep. Then sounds of knocking the door. The old woman wakes up and says "Who is that, in this lite at noight?" The woman goes to welcome the new comer.

Miyu asks to the man, "Is it the stuff that you can atone by doing this?" The man answers "Well, It may not be the stuff that would forgive me until the end of my life. But, I cannot help but doing this." Miyu asks again "How is your daugter going?" The man answers "This is always along with me." His daughter adds with the innocent face, "Going to look for my mom, aren't we?" "Oh yeah, that's right," said the man.

The old woman returns, and said to the newcomer, "Come here to warm yourself." The newcomer, a girl with white face says "I appreciate you very much." Miyu is surprised by the new comer. The girl (new comer) holds a baby with a mask. Miyu says "Reiha(Chillfeather).." Then the girl says "It has been a long time since I saw you last, Miyu." The old woman asks "Oh, you know each other?" Reiha smiles.

Opening Narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.

Reiha and Miyu are about to go to bed in the same room. Reiha says "I am strongly helped because I found the place to stay tonight." Miyu says "You don't care about the coldness, anyway." Reiha answers "Sorry but it is not actually the case for me. It is, yes, very difficult to spend a night outdoor because of this cloths." "What did you come here to do?" asks Miyu. "Oh, you are such that quite cold to me," answers Reiha. Miyu says "I don't wanna be said that by a snow-woman." Suddenly, Reiha's baby begins to speak. It is Matsukaze(PineWind). He says "That's my line. What are you doing here in this deep mountain? Sure there's a stray goddemon." Miyu dodges "I wonder." Matsukaze continues "I guess you are going to outwit us, but you can't. It is a big mistake if you think all of the goddemons in this country Japan are yours." Then Miyu looks at Reiha and says "This is your true mind, Reiha. Do you wanna do goddemon-hunting this much?" Reiha dodges "Sorry but I could say nothing. Matsukaze is slightly bad at speaking." Miyu says "I am not an overseer because I like to do. If you wanna be one, you may." Matsukase says angrily "Don't tell a lie. You look quite enjoying, I mean, beating goddemons." Reiha interrupts "Matsukaze, I say, we'd better go to bed now." Matsukaze says "I don't admit. There are more stray goddemon in this world than those that you can deal with. I don't have you enjoy alone." "You don't understand my situation," says Miyu.

Early in the morning. The old woman prepares the breakfast for Miyu. Miyu asks the old woman, "Where are the two (the man and his daughter)?" "Thye've departed early mornin'. Though Oi troied to keep them, thye never heard me, but said thye wanna cloimb the mountin," answered the old woman. The old woman prepares the breakfast for Reiha as well. Miyu asks again "What is there in the mountain?" The old woman answers "Recently some goed into the mountain but never kime back. We cloimbed the mountain to find them, but nothing was found." Miyu is surprised. In her flashback, the man in pilgrimage says "This is always along with me."

Miyu and Reiha stand up. The old woman shouts "Are you actually going there as well?" Miyu answers "We have a chance to catch up (with them) if (we depart ) now." The old woman is surprised and says "Don't be insine! You cannot walk in such cloths." Reiha says "It is not that you are requested to worry. It is natural because we are accostomed."

Walking the maintain road are Miyu and Reiha. "It seems that we don't have a chance to find them, although we have come this far," says Reiha. Miyu answers "I don't think he can walk so rapidly with his child. Sure we can catch up (with them)." Reiha asks " Is it that you'd like to save people this much? They went into the mountain because they wished as they liked." Miyu answers "Because that little girl has no sin." Then Matsukaze says "You are kind to children, or rather soft." Miyu says with anger "You don't have to follow me if you don't like to." Matsukaze answers "You can't stop us. Sure there's a goddemon. I don't have you take the credit alone." Miyu asks Reiha, "Reiha, why do you wanna fight this much?" Matsukaze answers "Huh, Huh! It's quite natural. Of course it's because..." But Miyu interrupts his answer and says "I don't ask you. Reiha must answer." It is that if a goddemons goes wild, it is the person like me who is troubled," answers Reiha, and Matsukaze adds, " We don't wanna be regarded, I mean, as the guys that sponge on people." Miyu says "Selfish." Matsukaze asks Miyu, "Then I ask you, what is the reason why you are an overseer? For the sake of people?" "Reason,,,, I have no reason." is the answer from Miyu.

Still they are walking. Then a leech comes down from the tree to Miyu. Miyu wipes it. But, there are a lot of leeches on Miyu's body. Matsukaze says "It's an irony that a vampire is sucked blood of." "She is pitiful. Please wait for a moment," says Reiha and she put Matsukaze on the root of a tree." Raiha shouts "Blizzard!" Reiha's blizzard comes, and Miyu also make a flame. Everything around them are, already, frozen. Reiha says "I am sure that you think it went easier to walk." Miyu put off the flame and walk.

They come to a house. There are an ox and a culf by the house. Reiha goes to the culf, and Miyu knocks the door. A voice of a woman says "Who is this?" A woman opens the door. She is quite beautiful. She says "Oh, two children are going through the mountain?" "Haven't you seen a man and his daughter in pilgrimage?" says Miyu. "Nobody has come here," is the answer. Miyu asks again "Is that true?" Then the woman says "If you think I told a lie, see (insighd)." Reiha comes and says, "I think I should agree with her." She gets into the house. Miyu asks "What's beyond here?" "A road to go through the mountain. Everybody goes through the mountain before it is dark. So, nobody drops here," answers the woman, Miyu says "Is that so." The woman adds, You arrived here later. It will soon be dark. Stay a night here."

In the night. Roaring of animals.

Miyu and Reiha are having a supper. Reiha says "I finished." Then the woman says " It's a time for a little children to go to bed. I prepared beds(futtons) for you in the other room." "Yes. Please excuse me who is going to the bed earlier. Miyu, I'd like to be counting on you from now on. Good night," says Reiha. Reiha goes to the other room.

Miyu helps take dishes. Then the woman finds a scar by leeches on Miyu's arm. The woman says "Oh, you were bit by leeches." "I don't care," says Miyu. But the woman says " Oh, you must care."

The woman puts a cloth in the water, and wrings it. The woman says " Put off the cloths." Miyu put off the cloths. She has a lot of scars on her back, arms, sholders. The woman touches the scars with the wet cloth, and says "The spring water of the mountain is good for scars."

Miyu asks "Why? Why are you this kind to me?" "although a goddemon,, is your question?" says the woman. Miyu says "You know that?" The woman says "You are an overseer aren't you? I heard rumours (about you). If you wanna seal me, you may do." Miyu asks " Do you say you have nothing attaching you in this world?" She answers "I no longer want to concern people. I am pleased with the life here. I no longer want to go down to the people's town." Miyu says " I wonder if it's true." "That's true. Come on. I'll show you the proof," says the woman.

The woman takes Miyu to the place near a waterfall, and speak aloud to the forest, "The very beautiful moon! Everybody come to me!" Then a lot of animals come and get together. The woman says "You don't have to fear them. They loves me." Miyu is slightly relieved, and smiles. A rabbit comes to Miyu's foot, and Miyu touches the rabbit gently. The woman says "Do you understand? I am happy enough because I have them. I no longer have a reason to meddle with people."
Miyu comes in the bed room. Reiha welcomes Miyu, and says "Welcome back." Miyu comes in. Reiha asks "What have you done for that goddemon?" Miyu says "You have nothing to do with it." Then Reiha says "Do you think so? I happened to find something like this." And Reiha pass something to Miyu. It is the locket that the man's daughter in pilgrimage held. "Where was it?" asks Miyu. "It was in the pen," answers Reiha. Then Matsukaze says "You trusted such a guy like a goddemon. This is the punishment for you. Do you realize how you were soft." "I never forgive!" says Miyu.

In the eath floor, the woman has the water in her mouth, and blow the water to the soil in the floor. Then buds come out from the soil, and becomes the wheat. The woman harvests the wheat.

Next morning. The woman prepares the breakfast for Miyu and Reiha. She says "I baked cakes." Reiha says "I appreciate you." Miyu and Reiha eat the cake. The woman gazes the two eating. "Useless to wait." says Miyu. The woman looks surprised. Miyu adds "People's food is not effective to us, Nor do we change to beasts." The woman says " Why?" Then Reiha interrupts "We understand everything about your plan." Miyu says "Sanjoushi of Hankyo. A demon from China, who changes travellers into beasts. It's you isn't it?"

"You seem to be the same species as I am," says the woman. Miyu says "The man and his daughter in pilgrimage must have come here." The woman answers "Yes, they came. The man,,," In the woman's flashback. The man in pilgrimage smiles, and his daughter laughs. When his daughter is asleep, the woman prepares a tea for the man. The woman says " 'You look alike to my wife. You look alike to my mom.' said they. So I arranged to allow them to stay here forever." "By changing into beasts?" says Miyu. The woman replies "Everybody loves me. That's why I have them stay with me. What's wrong with me?" Miyu tries to corner the woman "There are horseshoes in the pen while there's no horse. Did you sell them out to the town? Or did you have them work until they died? You tempt people's mind and tie them."

The woman says "You know this far, and I have nothing left to say. Also, I don't let you go home." The woman turns out to be a goddemon. It is called "Enju(GlossyMoist)" Miyu answers "I'm not going home, either." Matsukaze says "At last, she shows her true appearence! I'll cook you immediately!" But Reiha says "No. let's see how Miyu fights." Matsukaze asks "Why?" "Well, we may fight against her at anytime," says Reiha.

Enju attacks Miyu. Miyu's flame is powerless, and is extinguished. And again Miyu is attacked. Enju says "What's the matter with you? Are you sick?" Miyu utters "Phew, my blood is not sufficient!" Miyu remembers that she was bit by leeches. Enju shouts "Water!" and says "How does my water taste?" And Miyu is cornered. Matsukaze, as a spectator says "Is she going to die?" Then Enju looks at Reiha. Reiha says "She seems to come to us." Enju tries to attack Reiha. But, Reiha freezes Enju's water quickly. Miyu shouts "Stray goddemon!" And she utters "My flame! I hope! I never forgive you!" Enju is surprised at Miyu's power and says "Why? Sure she no longer has power!" Enju is surrounded by the flame from Miyu, and shouts. Before she vanishes, she shouts "Everybody come to me! I will....." Enju vanishes.

Reiha comes there, and says "I appreciate that you have done it." But Miyu feels atmosphere of menace, and says "Not yet finished." There are many red eyes in the forest of mountain. The people that Enju changed into animals are trying to attack Miyu and others. Reiha says in the plane voice, "Everybody has not yet waken up." Miyu says "That's enough. Let's go home." But Matsukaze says "Why do you escape? These guys are beasts until they die. It's a good idea to put an end to them." "Yet, they are human," says Miyu. "You are too soft," say Reiha and Matsukaze simultaneously.

The animals come to attack! Miyu looks up at Reiha and says "No, Stop! Reiha!" Reiha has already making a blizzard, and says "It is that nobody can stop this."

Almost all animals are frozen. Then comes a culf with angry eyes running to Miyu. Miyu finds the culf was the man's daughter. Reiha, mercilessly freezes it quickly. Reiha says "It is good for you that you are alright." "I want you to say some gratitudes, 'cuz I saved your life," adds Matsukaze. Reiha says "Since I finished things, I'd like to leave now. Au revoire," and she with Matsukaze leaves.

Miyu picks out the locket of the little girl, and watches the picture of the daughter's mother inside. Miyu utters "Different. Nothing alike!"

Miyu drops the locket on the culf's head.Miyu stands among the frozen animals, and winds blow.

End of the episode 4

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