Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 5

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 5 "The Ghost of Miyu"
Very detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

The night of the red moon. Crows are cawing. A taxi is running. A girl tries to stop the taxi. The driver stops to pick up the girl. It is Miyu. She says to the driver " To Saikawa cemetery please." "Alright," the driver answers. "You, little lady is going home alone this late. From something like a crammer? You should be cautious around the cemetery. I hear it appears," asks the driver to Miyu. Miyu says "What appears?" The driver explains, " A ghost! I've never saw it but some of us (taxi-drivers) often see it." Miyu says with plane face "I don't fear it anyway." The driver says "Oh, is that the style of young girls nowadays?"

The driver tells that they arrived saying "Here, alright?" But, the girl is not there on the seat, "Oh?" And the driver shouts "It appears!" The taxi runs away.

Miyu stands still and says "I played too much?" then Shiina comes and says " Are you merry because of the hunting after long time?" "I might get drunk on blood," says Miyu. Shiina adds "Anyhow, that guy got a seed for the interesting story, I mean, that a ghost of a girl appeared." "Right," says Miyu.

Miyu leaves with Shiina on her sholder. There's but another Miyu watching Miyu and Shiina. The other Miyu looks back and smiles.

Opening Narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.

In the school, in the morning. Miyu comes into the class room and says to Chisato, Yukari, and Hisae "G'morning." Chisato answers with her ordinary innocent face, "G'morning! Say, Miyu, have you heard? I hear that a ghost appeared, in Saikawa cemetery." Miyu, but, is not surprised and says "Is that so." Chisato is slightly disappointed at Miyu's reaction and says "Something's strange?" Miyu says "No, sorry. but, isn't it a rumour?" Yukari explains "It was my uncle's acquaintance that saw it." Miyu reacts emotionlessly "Is that so?" Yukari still continues "Yeah. He's a taxi driver. He took a girl to Saikawa cemetery. But, when they arrived, the girl disappeared, and blood was on the seat cover." Miyu looks surprised because she did not actually leave blood in the taxi. Miyu says "Blood?" Hisae doubts the story and says "But, it is usually the case that such a story is (told) by an acquaintance's acquaintance." Yukari says "Don't you believe that?" Hisae answers "I don't mean so. But is there something that proves it?" Yukari explains "Well, my uncle did not saw the blood, and the man(=driver) washed away because it was weird. Anyhow, I hear he does not look a guy that tells a lie." Chisato asks to Miyu with her innocent face, "Hey, Miyu, what do you think?" Miyu answers "If the blood truly remained, it should never be a ghost." Yukari still continues "Right. In addition, the girl we are talking about was, I hear, in the uniform of our school, and her hair style was just like that of Miyu's. I hear he remembers well because it was a rare style." Chisato tries to stop her story "Oh, stop!" And Yukari says "No, I don't mean so." Miyu but says "No, I don't care about it."

Lunch time. Miyu and Chisato is on the roof. Miyu says "Chisato..." Chisato answers "What?" Miyu continues "If I am ..." Chisato interrupts "Eh?" Miyu says "nothing." Chisato says innocently "Are you worried by Yukari's story? That should never have happened. Even if it had been true, it was a ghost. Miyu, you have nothing to do with it." Miyu says "Thanks." Chisato indicates the icon of friendship and says " Say, look at this. When we bought this, the shopkeeper said that it would keep a friendship. " Miyu says "Yeah, rihgt." Chisato continues "When I see this, I always think that Miyu will be my friend forever until we die. So, I believe you, Miyu!" Miyu says "Thank you."

And the two show their "Icon of friendship" to each other.

And night. The red moon again. A taxi is running. It is driven by another driver. Driver says "We arrived, young lady." The girl does not get off, and the driver says, "What's the matter with you" The girl is Miyu. She says "I dropped my contact lens. Would you please look for it together?" The driver says "Oh, it must be a trouble for you," and the driver gets off the car and comes to the guest seat. He says "I'm afraid if you have treaded on it." Miyu says "Me too."

Suddenly, Miyu snarls, and bytes the driver at his neck. The driver is not dead. Miyu leaves with the blood on her face. She is smiling. Reiha is watching Miyu.

Miyu is on the roof of a cemetery house. She says "Something is hapening somewhere I don't know." Shiina replies "That's, some human did something." Miyu says "Right. I would never miss a goddemon if one is around here." Larva adds "Anyway, you should rather keep yourself from hunting for a while. It is not necessary to risk to be covered with sparks (= to be regarded as a evil vampire)." Miyu says "(I agree because) it will be troublesome if I am regarded as one of them(=evil goddemons). But I am annoyed. The night is the time for us, though people make it dirty." Shiina adds "Well, 'cuz in such a trend of time."

Miyu shouts "Reiha!" Reiha is in the sky. Reiha says "It is a long time since I saw you last." And she looks around, and says " It seems that you live in a gorgeous house." Miyu says coldly "What do you want me for?" Reiha says "Regarding the matter, I actually happened to see." "Saw what?" Miyu asks. Matsukaze explains "Saw you suck blood of a taxi driver. Were you that hungry, Miyu? You did like a beast. You did not look an overseer." Miyu gets angry and says "It was not me. Do you think I am awkward enough to let someone to see me hunt." Reiha but says "Yes! It was truly Miyu. And she entered into this cemetery. No doubt, isn't it?" Miyu is surprised and says "To here?" Matsukaze says "Anyhow, we watch you. We'll be troubled if you do something showy and if it involves me. You and we are not such that were born yesterday or today. We'd better keep the dignity. Miyu says "Whatever I say, you will never believe me. Do as you like!" Reiha says "Yes. I will do as I like to be satisfied."

In the school. Yukari is talking about the case of the other taxi driver. Yukari says "And another driver was sucked blood of." Chisato asks "Is that a rumour too?" Yukari answers "Well yeah. I hear it is true that he was hospitalized because he was wounded at his neck. I don't believe that far, I mean, that he was sucked blood of." Hisae asks "And you say again that the girl was in our school uniform?" Yukari says "Right. It is..." Then Chisato interrupts with her innocent face "Say, How do you like it? I mean, somebody has grudge against our school and she dares to make a case in such an appearance." Yukari says "Well, it is more likely than a ghost." Chisato says "It must be that!" Then she remembers she has left something in the class room, "Ah!" Miyu asks "What's the matter?" Chisato answers "I left my bag. Go ahead!" And Chisato runs back to the class room.

Yukari still continues "She dares to do.. It is likely." Miyu adds "Somebody dares..."

Chisato returns to the class room. She finds her small bag and smiles. Then she feels something in her back and says "what?" Miyu is there. Miyu says "I am thinking to go home together." Chisato says "I'm coming soon."

Miyu glares at Chisato. Chisato utters "Miyu..." Miyu snarls against Chisato and attacks her. Chisato shouts "KYaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Chisato's shouts, "KYaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Yukari, Hisae, Miyu are walking in the school building and they hear Chisato shout. Yukari says "That's Chisato!" Yukari, Miyu, Hisae rush to the class room.

In the class room, Miyu is cornering Chisato, and attacks. Chisato protects herself with her school bag, and when Miyu looks the icon, She runs away from the icon. Then Yukari comes and says "Chisato! What's going (on)!"

The Miyu snarling and the Miyu standing still. The Miyu snarling breaks the windowpane, and gets out. The other Miyu follows her. The Miyu is already gone. Yukari tries to wake up Chisato saying "Chisato! Chisato! Alright? Chi-Sa-To!" But Chisato is unconscious.

In the infirmary. Chisato is in the bed. Yukari, Hisae, and Miyu surround Chisato. Yukari says "Anyway, what was that?" Hisae says "It might be a doppel genger." Yukari says "What does it mean?" Hisae explains It's a super natural phenomenon in which another oneself appears. And the one who watches it... Hisae covers her mouth. Then Miyu adds "'will die' is what you wanna say." Hisae says "I'm sorry." Miyu says "Don't mind. I don't actually believe it."

And then Chisato recovers conciousness. Chisato first looks at Miyu and says "Miyu.... You are Miyu?" Yukari says "Nothing to worry about. This is the true Miyu." Chisato says "I'm relieved. Hey come to me." Miyu sasy "Chisato I am sorry." Chisato answers "No, it's not due to you. I know, because.." And Chisato indicates her Icon of friendship. Chisato adds, "When she saw that, she ran away. So that is not Miyu."

Hisae says "It's getting strange." Yukari says "I think it is a handiwork of a human not a supernatural phenomenon. Miyu, do you think there's somebody who has grudge against you?" Miyu says "No, but..."

Night. Miyu and Reiha are discussing. Miyu says "I don't forgive. It touched Chisato!" Matsukaze asks "Although She's your game." Miyu gets angry and shouts "Can't you distinguish something you can say from something you cannot say?" Reiha gently scolds Matsukaze saying "Matsukaze, it's better not to make Miyu angry." Matsukaze says "Alright, we will know it someday." Miyu says "It's so, I see, it's so?" and leaves.

A house. A telephone rings. Chisato'sMom says "Chisato, Chi-sa-to! Chisato, a phone to you." Chisato says "I'm coming!" and she utters "My parents should let me have a telephone in my room." A Miyu is watching Chisato from outside through the window. Chisato speaks to the phone. She says "Eh? Miyu? What's the matter in this late at night. Well, OK, but you rush me so much? OK, Yes. I'm coming." Chisato fetches her jacket to her room. A Miyu is watching.

Chisato goes out, and to the place of meeting. There stands a Miyu. Chisato says "A, Miyu!" Miyu asks "Where to go?" Chisato says "Where to go? It's you that called me." Miyu says "Oh, Yeah, right." Chisato says "What's the matter? You look funny." Miyu says "It's just your imagination." "Is that so? Alright. but what do you want me for?" says Chisato, but "Let's have a chat for a while," was the answer from Miyu. Chisato says "Is that why you ..." Then someone says "Chisato! run away!"

And another Miyu appears behind Chisato. And the Miyu in the first place snarls against Chisato, and she flies away. The new Miyu says "Thanx Chisato! Take care and go home!" Chisato is quite confused and says "What? What? What's going on?" Miyu answers "That guy is my shadow. I will take measure." Chisato is still confused "No! What's really the matter!"

Miyu running in the night. Against Miyu, Larva stands. And the other Miyu in Kimono, and she says "I captured you at last. I never release you." The other Miyu turns into the appearence in Kimono, and says " I think it's you that is captured." A Miyu says "You still insist that you are the true Miyu? The other Miyu says "Yes. I am Miyu, vampire Miyu. I ask you who you are."

Spectating the two Miyu are Reiha and Shiina. Shiina says "Surprising! They are two melons (=They look alike!)" Matsukaze says "As that guy says, that guy might be the true one." Shiina says "What a stupid thing are you saying?" Reiha scolds both saying "Please be quiet. Let's see what's going on."

A Miyu says to the other Miyu, "You were trying to pretend to be my doppel genger. You tried to have me believe that I'd wanted to to hunt shamefully, or I'd wanted to attack Chisato. But you made a mistake. There's no other me than myself. I never suspect that." The other Miyu says "I am the true Miyu! The pretender shall disappear." And Miyu's attack. The other Miyu shouts "Return!" The flame that A Miyu launched returns to the Miyu.

A Miyu says "The same is even the flame." The other Miyu says "I told you! I am the MIYU!"

Two Miyus fight.

Matsukaze says "I'm quite confused! Which to finish first?" Reiha replies "Oh, there's not need to consider which." Shiina asks "What are you doing?" Natsukaze says "You, small fly, must keep silent!" Reiha calls a blizzard, and tries to freeze both of Miyus. Larva saves one of the Miyus before she is frozen. And the other Miyu is frosen. Then the frosen Miyu turns to be a goddemon. The name is Goddemon Houjo(ImitaterAlike).

Miyu says "You are a goddemon, anyway." Houjo says "If it were not for that disgusting help, I would be able to cheat you till the end. Miyu says "I told you. I don't believe that there's another Me. And I have Larva. Larva never mistake me." Houjo says "You are quite confident of yourself. So, you are an overseer."

Miyu asks "What did you want to do? You thought I would destroy myself?" Houjo answers "I wanted to beat you! If I became an overseer, goddemons would never fear the shadow of the overseer. Miyu, you little vampire girl has what right to seal the goddemons?" Miyu says "No right. This is my fate. I can show you my sympathy. But I don't forgive the guy that breaks into my territory."

Houjo prepares to attack and says "You are talking nonsense!" Miyu shouts "Larva!" Houjo says "Huh! Can you beat me?" And Houjo turns into Larva. And two Larvas fight. Miyu shouts again "Larva!"

Reiha comes and says "Would you mind if I help you?" Shiina rejects it and says "I no can believe you! A small fly has a half inch soul! I catch!" Shiina recognizes the false Larva. Houjo says "You !" And Houjo tries to attack Shiina, but Larva cuts Houjo's Mirror. Miyu says "Stray Goddemon, return to the darkness!" Houjo shouts "WWWWWWWWWWOW! One more effort and I could have done it!"

Reiha comes and says "It seems that everything has almost finished. Then excuse me that I leave." Larva says "Please let me finish." Reiha asks "What is actually the matter?" Then Larva says "If I were late, Miyu might have been beaten by you?" Reiha says "Oh, you think too far. I know Miyu longer than you. It is not likely to occur that I try to finish my old friend." Matsukaze adds, "Even if it is so, she cannot be an overseer if she is beated easily. And firstly, you are western goddemon. It is not assured that you never betray. If Miyu is constantly an overseer from now on, you have to think about these issues."

Reiha says "Then, please take care of yourself. Au revoire."

Shiina says "What a disgusting guy! Don't you have something to do against her?" Miyu adds "I might have to decide the issue (with her.)" Larva also adds "I am also suspected." Miyu answers "They can consider as they like. Besides, I have to finish this case." Shiina asks "That girl must believe Miyu." Miyu says "Yeah. But one more stuff. Without finishing, we cannot walk in the night without fear."

The taxi driver in the first place is driving. Miyu is on the seat. The driver asks "To where?" Miyu answers "Before the Saikawa Cemetery please." Driver shouts "Oh! NO! NO that place!" Miyu says "Why not?" The driver says "Appears a monster, of a girl, You are that time,, Miyu says "Then let me off."

Miyu gets off from the taxi and she evaporate herself.

In the morning, students are coming to school.

Chisato asks to Miyu, "Say, and how did Miyu's doppel genger go?" Miyu answers "When I chased and cornered it, it disappeared." Hisae is still in half-doubt manner and says "It actually occured." Yukari says "And the ghost of that taxi looks disappeared. That's a relief!" Miyu says "Chisato, I am sorry." Chisato reacts "Sorry for what?" Miyu says "I used you to decoy that shadow.You might have been in danger. Chisato answers "No! I believed you! I believed that you would never damage me, 'cuz you are my friend!" Miyu says "Thank you." Chisato adds "But you were cool when you went chasing that guy. I wonder if Miyu is very strong." Miyu says "No it it isn't." Chisato continues "When Miyu is in danger, I will beat the enemy!" Yukari then interrupts "Who phoned to me with crying and saying that Miyu's ghost appeared?" Chisato says "You said you make it secret!" Laughing four girls.

End of the episode 5

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