Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 6

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 6 "The fate"
Very detailed Synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

A boy and a little girl are walking. People around them see them and think in the mind. A man thinks "What are these guys? What these kids doing here in this place", and a woman thinks "why aren't they in the School? stray kids?", a taxi driver thinks "Hmm, what are these guys doing?" a man who is carrying a boxes, "Leave! Leave!"

The boy and the little girl sit down on the stair in front of a building. The little girl looks at her brother and calls "Big brother." The boy hears the thoughts of people around him. Boy says "dumn! Ashole!" The boy is suffering from the people's thoughts around him. People look down him. His little sister looks at her brother with sad eyes. A woman looks at them and say "How pitiful!" while the woman looks down them considering "They are pitiful. I wanna see what their parents are." The little girl worries her brother, "Big brother!" The boy in pain. The little girl stars the woman. The woman is beaten. People around the woman says "What? Suddenly fell! Stones hit her!"

The little girl, however does not quite understand what is going on. The boy grips his sister's hand and runs away. The boy utters "She's done! Kayo did it again!" The girl, but, smiles to her brother.

Opening narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.
In the School. Miyu looks around from the valcony of the school building. And then comes Chisato, saying "Hi, Miyu. I will try to guess what you are thinking." Yukari says "Chisato is easily influenced." Chisato shows an anger and says "Dumn you." Chisato speaks to Miyu, "Say, did you watch that TV program, 'Does supernatural power exist?'" Yukari is amazed by Chisato and says "unscientific!" Hisae says "I've read a book that says in the world, reported are a lot of phenomena that cannot be explained but as those by supernatural power.." Yukari but says "That is likely to happen in somewhere in the world but not likely regarding Chisato." Chisato says "You can't tell before I actually try." Chisato try to guess. Yukari says "She's begun. She's been repeating that since morning." Chisato says "I can hear, I can hear the voice from Miyu's mind. Well. Now, Miyu is hungry and she wishes the lunch time to come early. Am I correct? Say, is that correct?" Miyu replies "Yeah." Chisato looks happy and says "Really! Oh, what shall I do! I hit!" Yukari says "That's what even I can hit." Chisato declares "I have this latent faculty!" Yukari is amazed at Chisato and says "Phew. she is hopeless."

Miyu finds a little girl who stand behind the school gate watching inside of the school.

The time to go home. The girl, Kayo, still stands in the school gate. Students look at her and say "Look, she is still there."

Miyu speaks to the girl. Miyu says "What do you see from over here. You've been constantly looking at since morning." Kayo says "I've watching the school."

Miyu and Kayo on the bridge over the railroad. Kayo asks "Do you enjoy the school?" Miyu answers "depends on the person." Kayo asks again "Don't you, big sis, enjoy?" Miyu dodges "I wonder." Kayo says "I wanna go to school. Going school and have a lot of friends. But, big brother says no." Miyu asks "Big brother?" Kayo adds "Yeah. But, big brother always protects me. I like big brother." They smiles to each other.

There comes a boy, saying "Hey! Kayo!" Kayo looks at the boy and says "Oh!" The boy says "Sorry to be late." The boy named Kiyoshi looks at Miyu and stars Miyu. Kiyoshi looks cool against Miyu. He says "Let's go, Kayo." Kayo does not agree with him saysing "No. I wanna play with big sis." Kiyoshi says "We cannot approach people."

Kiyoshi again suffers from the thoughts of people around him. Walking are two girl students. The girl students are thinking in their mind, That girl has been there since morning. What their parents doing? Pitiful."

Kayo worries her brother and says "Big brother." Miyu asks "What's the matter?" Kiyoshi shouts "Don't come!" Kiyoshi grips a knife. Kayo says "Big brother!" Kiyoshi says "Don't come to my sis. Whatever kind face, people thinks in their mind that.." Miyu repeats Kiyoshi's word "Peaple thinks ?" Kiyoshi says "Come on!" He finds something in Miyu and says "Oh, no you are.."

The three goes to the seashore.

Kayo looks at the sea with laughter. Kiyoshi begins to talk about himself and his sister to Miyu. Kiyoshi explains "After my parents died, we began to live in the orphanage. It was that time when I began to hear the people's mind as voice. I didn't understand what was that first. I read people's mind but if I stand for, I don't trouble other people. But Kayo does." Miyu asks "Kayo?" Kiyoshi continues " Since our parents died, I am Kayo's brother and also her parent, the only member of her family. When she finds something that distress me, Kayo does. Flushback of the accident. When Kayo says "Big brother" a stone hits a woman's face. Kiyoshi says "She cannot control it. We could never stay in the orphanage any longer."

Kayo plays in the seashore.

Miyu says "She is too young, anyway." Kiyoshi says "What do you say I should do? Should we show and prove it to those who don't believe in the power? If I did, we'd soon be sent to the hospital. We have but to live avoiding people's eyes. That's the fate of those who has such a power like this." Miyu asks "fate...?"

Kayo calls Miyu "Big sis!" Innocently laughing to Miyu is Kayo in the seashore, "Big sis!"

Kiyoshi says "It's mysterious. I cannot catch your voice of mind. It's the first time for me."

Kayo is still calling Miyu innocently, "Big sis!" Laughing is Kayo.

Miyu, Shiina, Larva are on the shrinegate. Shiina says "People's power is limited anyway." Larva says "Once upon a time, there were such people having the power like that in the west." Miyu asks "What happened to them, Larva?" Larva answers "They lived in the corner of the world stealthily. Some were persecuted as wiches. Shiina says "Nothin' good happens if concern people."

Miyu smiles and acts like Kayo playing with water in the seashore. And Shiina is surprised at her. Shiina says "What makes her do this?" Larva utters "Miyu." Shiina adds "It's completely not like Miyu."

Kiyoshi and Kayo are asleep on the bench. There comes a stray dog. The dog shows how it's been persecuted by people to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi says "Come to me. I am the same as you are." Kayo wakes up and says "Big brother." And he touches the dog gently. Kiyoshi says "Let's give a name to this guy."

A sunny room. Kayo's mother calls Kayo, "Kayo, Kayo!" Kayo replies "Mom!" Kayo, her brother and her parents are at the table to have a breakfast. Kiyoshi looks sleepy and Kayo says "Hey, you stayed up late at night again." Father says "I guess you watched TV late at night. Kiyoshi says "I was studying." Kayo says "I heard the sound of TV from your room." Kiyoshi says "Kayo!" Mother scolds Kayo saying "I told you Kayo, eat up completely." Kayo but says "I don't like tomatoes." Father also scolds "Don't be fussy." Mother says "Daddy, you also have to choose one out of reading papers or having breakfast." Kayo laughs and says "Daddy is scolded too."

Kayo is talking about her family to Miyu. Kayo says "And then I go to school with big brother. And you, big sis?"

Kayo gives food to doves.

Kayo asks again "How is big sis'es mom?" Miyu utters "I am.." Then the doves fly and leave.

At the swings. Miyu asks "A dog?" Kayo explains about the dog, " Yeah. It does not leave from big brother. We've yet to give a name to it."

Kiyoshi is running away in the streat with the dog. He holds bills in his hand. Kiyoshi says "Hey, I am alright."

On the bridge. Kayo and Miyu are waiting for Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi comes with the dog. Kayo says "Big brother!" Kiyoshi answers "Sorry to be late." They hold each other. Kayo says "I've been constantly with big sis. Kiyoshi says to Miyu "Thanx for your taking care of Kayo." Kayo reports "I've talked a lot." Kiyoshi says "You are happy because (she was kind enough) to play with you." Miyu says nothing. Miyu looks at the dog and leaves. Kayo says "Thanx big sis! See you tomorrow!"

Kiyoshi suddenly catches Miyu's thoughts. The voice from Miyu's mind says "It is useless for this kid to live. Nothing good is expected in the rest of her life."

Kayo asks "What's the matter, big brother?" Kiyoshi: You cannot stay with her any longer. Kayo asks "Oh, how come?" Kiyoshi answers "At any rate."

Night. Miyu is walking and chasing her is Kiyoshi. Miyu comes to the place of building-construction. Miyu disappears. Kiyoshi chases Miyu and he climbs up the stairs of the building under construction. Kiyoshi shouts "That bitch!" A voice of somebody hears "Yes. That bitch is trying to kill your sister. Kill that bitch or your sister will be killed. Kill that bitch!" Kiyoshi asks "Who are you? Who is telling me?" The voice says gain "Don't you care if your sister is killed?" Kiyoshi says "She is a friend of my sister." The voice says "The guys like you with a peculiar power could never make friends. It's nobody but you that can protect your sister. Kill that bitch! Kill! Kill!" Kiyoshi shouts "Stop! Stooooooooooop!"

Sound of Miyu's flute.

Miyu says "What are you doing over there." Kiyoshi says "You are." Miyu says "I'm not speaking to you." And behind Kiyoshi is the dog. Miyu says to the dog "It's not the world that you can live. Return to the darkness!" The voice says to Kiyoshi "Kill this bitch or your sister will be killed." Kiyoshi shouts "Stop!" Miyu says to the dog again "Don't make use of the boy!"

Miyu and the dog fight. Kiyoshi tries to protect the dog. Kiyoshi says "Stop!" Miyu says "Leave! It's a goddemon!" Kiyoshi shouts "No!" Miyu says "The goddemon has been speaking to you!" Kiyoshi shouts "No! This guy is the same as me. My friend!" The voice laughts and says "Oh, This overseer has a weakpoint. I told you, kill that bitch!" Kiyoshi grips a knife and try to attack Miyu.

Kiyoshi is but frozen suddenly. Reiha has come. Miyu says "What did you do! Reiha!" Reiha coldly says "I meant to help you." Matsukaze says "I request your thanx."

The dog become a goddemon. Its name is Goddemon Choujuu (trampling-beast). The goddemon attacks Miyu and Miyu avoid it. But then the frozen Kiyoshi falls from the building to the earth. Larva comes and attacks the goddemon. Frozen Kiyoshi is falling and coming to Kiyoshi is Kayo. Frozen Kiyoshi crushes to the earth. The sound of crush. Miyu and Kayo looks at each other. Miyu launches flame and the returns the goddemon to the darkness. Kayo's scream "Big brother!" She releases her power. The stuffs surrounding her are twisted and broken. Shiina shouts "What a human!" Reiha also says "She is terribly violent." Matsukaze adds "More illnatured than goddemons is she. It's no use for her to live." But, Miyu walkes to Kayo. Shiina says "Leave that guy alone!" Larva says "Miyu cannot leave her." Shiina says "Eh?" Larva utters "Miyu..."

Kayo clings to her brother frozen and crushed. She is crying. Miyu calls "Kayo.." Kayo says "Return my big brother." Kayo launches her power to Miyu. Miyu speaks to Kayo gently "Big brother will never come back again." Kayo shouts "NO!" Miyu repeats "Will never come back again." Kayo shouts again "Return my big brother! NO!" Miyu sucks blood of Kayo in gently manner. Kayo with blank look.

Kayo dreams a warm famiy with her brother. Kiyoshi says "Wait! Kayo!" Kayo says "Big brother! Run! or you'll be late! Mother says "Good luck!" Kayo says "We are off!"

Matsukaze says "She is always soft to girls. We should not forgive even people. She should do that!" Reiha, but says "We have nothing to do with human affairs, anyway. We are suggested to leave." Larva utters "Miyu.." Shiina says "I've got. Miyu overlaps her childhooddays with that girl."

In the school. Chisato looks diappointed "It does not seem to me that I have a supernatural power." Yukari says "What are you saying, although you declared in that way?" Chisato answers "'Cuz the result of the exam was worst." Hisae says "Exactly. If you had a supernatural power, you could have get 100 points. Chisato says "I could have a supernatural power." Miyu then interrupts "It's better for you not to have such a thing."

Miyu looks at the school gate. She, however, cannot locate Kayo. Miyu hears Kayo's laughter.

End of the episode 6

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