Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 7

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 7 "Red shoes"
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By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

In the class room. Chisato speaks to Miyu, "Hey, Miyu, I have one thing to ask you. Miyu says "What?" Chisato explains, "An audition will be held next Sunday. I hope you to come together with me." Miyu asks "An audition?" Yukari reads a material which Chisato brought, "Kashiwabara Takashi's producing? Chisato, are you gonna be a singer?" Chisato answers with a slight anger "What's wrong? I only try out for that." Yukari says "I don't mean you are wrong." and Hisae adds " Chisato likes singing." Chisato asks Miyu again "I am helpless if alone. Say Miyu, I hope you, say yes." But Miyu says coldly "I'm sorry, but I am difficult about something like that." Chisato says "Oh, I see. Then I give up."

Then a very quite girl comes and speaks to Chisato "Excuse me, Miss Inoue." and she says "Do you mind if I go with you?" Chisato says "You, Miho?" Miho says "I know you say no, anyway." Chisato says "Yes, Then will you come with me?" Miho looks delightened and says "Really? Thank you! I've ever wanted to go such a place."

The place for the audition. There are many participants. Chisato says to Miho, "So many people are here." Miho says " My heart is beating, although I'm not concerned." Chisato says "You get so strained, and I am influenced too. Look, I guess that's Michiko. The girl like her is here."

Then comes Kashiwabra. Miho utters "Real." Chisato says "Must be." Kashiwabara stops before Miho, and speaks to Miho, "What is your examinee's number?" Miho is scared and says "Eh? well, I mean.." Chisato explains "She is my attendant." Kashiwabara, but asks "I beg you to try out for the audition too." Miho says "B, but.." Kashiwabara says "I will tell the reception about you. Please take the examinee's questionaire." Miho is still surprised and says "What shall I do?" Chisato says "You must try, 'cuz you are actually begged, I mean, by that Kashiwabara takashi." Miho is not confident and says "Anyway I am .."

Kashiwabara is watching the monitor, and when the monitor shows Miho and Chisato, he says "This girl, yes, this girl in the right. Keep the camera at her forever. I need nobody else.

Opening narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.

Chisato looks very angry! She knocks again and again the desk and says "And it was only Miho who passed." Yukari looks amazed and says "That girl? It's been hard to guess." Chisato continues, "Don't you think we are cheated! All of those who officially tried did not pass." Hisae asks "You are this vexing?" Chisato says "I say, it's like an addmission by the back door. It's unfair!" Then Miyu tries to stop Chisato, "Chisato, it's not like you." Yukari agrees and says "Exactly. What's wrong with you that you envy someone." Chisato slightly calms down, and says "I, what am I talking about.. I mean, I feel like I was strongly cheated." Hisae says "You were shocked, anyway." Yukari finds Miho is coming into the room and says "Look, she is coming. Welcome her with a smile." Chisato says "Yeah."

They approaches Miho. Chisato speaks to her, " I've heard of you. Congratulations Miho!" Miho replies, "Thank you. but, I am thinking to reject it." Chisato says "What are you saying? That's a great chance for you!" Miho but says "I don't think I can do, anyway. You know, I cannot do anything." Chisato says strongly "Listen, Miho. I did not pass, and you passed. I don't allow you to refuse it." Yukari adds, "Anyhow, you should at least try. It's after you fail that you give up." Still Miho is not confident, "But, I know that before I try."

Miho's Lesson. Miho sings "Opening the photo-albumn, appears a page from which many pictures are removed." Then Kashiwabara interrupts her singing and says "Once more. Take it easy and sing easily. I'm sure you can." But Miho says "I,, I cannot." Kashiwabara says "Don't you believe me?" Miho explains herself "I don't mean so, but.. I don't success whatever I do. Everybody says I am awkward, and It's not likely that I change myself so quickly." Kashiwabara says "OK, Let's use a magic." Kashiwabara explains "These are magic shoes. You might be an featureless girl, as you told me. But, when you have on these, you are under my magic. You can sing better than anybody else. Believe it." Miho says "Yes." And Miho puts on the red shoes that Kashiwabara has brought to her. Kashiwabara says "OK, sing once more." Miho says "Yes." and she begins singing, "Opening the photo-albumn,..."

In the night. A house is there. Chisato's house. Miyu sits in Chisato's room and watching TV, says "Sorry. The TV set in my home does not work well." Chisato says "Oh, I am glad that you come. Look, next singer is Miho." Miho appears in the TV. Miho sings with Kashiwabara's piano. Miyu watches her singing. Miho is singing in TV, "Opening the photo-albumn, appears a page from which many pictures are removed. But I still remember every scenes, (in which we are) straight or joking. I am filled with the emotion to see you. not by the loneliness but by the nostalgy."

In the school. Chisato speaks to Miho, "I watched that TV program." Hisae also says "I realized that you sang that well." Miho says "Oh no. I sing just like Mr. Kashiwabara instructed." Yukari says "That's your talent to do so." Chisato says "You are a star from now on." Miho then asks "Oh, no,. Say Miss Inoue." Chisato says "Call me Chisato. And what?" Miho asks "Even after I become a singer, won't you desert me?" Chisato says "Do you think I will! And it is contrary in general!" Miho says "Then, May I think that you are my friend.." Hisae then replies "Yes, of course." Chisato adds "Everybody thinks so." Miho looks delightened and says "Thank you! Everybody, think you!"

Yukari says "Never changed has she." Chisato agrees "It's a relief to us, Say Miyu!" Miyu emotionlessly says "... Yes." Chisato asks "Let's cheer her forever." Miyu again emotionlessly says "Yes."

A gorgeous room. Kashiwabara speaks to Miho, "This is your room from today. You might feel lonely, but I hope you concentrate on music for a while according to the schedule I planed." Miho looks surprised and says, "I live in the room like this?" Kashiwabara asks "You don't like this?" Miho says innocently "No, I mean, it looks expensive." Kashiwabara says "After the debut, this room will soon be too small." Miho asks "Excuse me. Will I live together with my daddy and mom?" Kashiwabara answers "Yes, of course." Miho looks relieved and says "Thank you very much. I do my best." Kashiwabara calls somebody "Mis Kanno."

A woman comes in. Kashiwabara introduces the woman to Miho, "This woman will take care of you and your schedule. Please be obedient to her regarding her as my deputy." The first word from Kanno is "You get up quickly?" Miho answers "Yes. I get up early in the morning." Kanno says "Very good. Nice to meet you." Miho says "Good to see you."

Kashiwabara leaves. Kanno begins to explay about the new life, "This is your closet. Put your school uniform in this. I will ask for cleaning." Miho says "Yes." Miho picks up the red shoes from her bag, and says "Ah, well, Mis Kanno." Kanno replies, "I know. It's Mr. Kashiwabara's magic. Miho adds, "It is yes. So,, " Kanno says "I will never touch these." Miho says "Thank you very much."

The posters reads "Kashiwabara Takashi's producing. Arisawa Miho Debut Single. booking is available." Miho is singing, "Lately I have a friend, but I have nobody who replaces you. You always embrace me with your kindness. Different from love, but I could have stay with you forever." Miho's single sells well in any shop. The title is "I wanna see you."
Miyu and Chisato are going to school. Chisato speaks to Miyu "Say, have you listened to Miho's CD?" Miyu answers "No, not yet." Chisato says "That's fantastic! She is talented, anyway."

A car stops at the school gate, and from which Miho gets off. Kanno is on the driver's seat and says "Well, after the school, stay here and wait for me. Come straight to here." Miho says "Thank you very much."

Chisato speaks to Miho "G'morning Miho!: Miho replies "Oh, g'morning.: Chisato says "It's great that you come and go by car." Miho answers "I am ashamed of that and I wanna stop it. But, they are anxious about me." Chisato says "That's natural 'cuz you are a star!" Miho says "Oh, no." Chisato says "'Cuz the booked first release sold out and another press. Hey! Be more confident of yourself." Miho says "Yeah."

In the class room. Chisato and guys are talking together with Miho. Chisato says "But, I don't say in the bad sense but, Miho, you were not that good at music in the class. Yukari says "It's due to Kashiwabara Takashi?" Miho explains "Mr. Kashiwabara gave me a confidence. Although I am still afraid very much, I am confident of myself when I am singing." Chisato asks "Is there any particular method for the lesson?" Miho explains "I say, in the TV show, I have on red shoes, you know." Chisato says "Yeah. It's easy to find them." Miho continues "Those are magic shoes. Mr. Kashiwabara says 'When you have on those shoes, you are an artist. Think so.'" Chisato says "Hmm, I see." Miyu then reacts "Magic shoes?" Chisato says "Miyu, don't you believe it?" Miyu answers "Oh yes. It might be likely." Yukari speaks to Hisae quietly "Don't say something needless, like autosuggestion." Hisae replies "I know." Miho looks happy and says "I, I'm very happy now. I am praised by people for the first time in my life. And this much!" Chisato adds, "You will be more happy!" Miho says "Thank you!"

The classmate Michiko watches Miho with angry face. Michiko utters "What's the magic? That idiot!" And Miyu stars Michiko. Michiko utters "Gee."

The street in the night. Michiko is talking with her boyfriend. Michiko asks "Say it's OK." Her boy friend says "It's too late to get angry with that." Michiko says with anger "She's disgusting! That slow gal like her has sucha self-confidence lika ordinary woman, you know. I won't be satisfied without just doin' somethin' against her. Say, I hope you cooperate. He says with grin, "Well, OK, if you will .. " Michiko replies "I told you I know."

Miho's apartment house. Michiko and her boyfriend steal into Miho's room. Michiko looks surprised and says, "Great! You truly did the job like this." Her boy friend says "It's the same as stealing a car." Michiko looks at Miho asleep, and says " You can be no longer puffed up!"

Michiko opens the closet and finds the red shoes, and utters, "I located these." And she prepares a knife, and says "So ends the magic." Then a woman's voice, "Who is it?"

Kanno comes into the room, and says "Who are you?" Michiko's boy friend says "Gee," and he pinions Kanno. Kanno shouts, "Release me, or I call police!" The boy friend says "It won't be as you think, you bag. Make it immediately, Michiko!" Michiko shouts "You stupid!" Kanno, but, throws Michiko's boy friend. Michiko shouts "Hiroshi!" Kanno says to Michiko, "You! You are Tokiwa academy's student, right? What are you doing for? Michiko, then, attacks Kanno with the knife and stick her. Kanno looks killed. Hiroshi is scared and says "Bad! Too bad! I've nothin' to do with that!" and runs away. Michiko, however, approaches the closet again and tries to pick up the red shoes. Then the voice of Kashiwabara, "You want the shoes this much? They don't suit a smart girl like you." Michiko's screaming.

Miho wakes up, and says with sleepy voice, "Is it you, Mr. Kashiwara?" Kashiwabara says gently "You can't sleep?" Miho says "I look like dreaming a nightmare." Kashiwabara says "It's alright. We are always with you." Miho says "Thank you very much."

In the place between buildings, Michiko sit still with the knife in her hand. Miyu in the sky watches her.

The concert hall. People are making queues and waiting for the opening. Chisato and guys are there. Chisato says "Miho is still so kind that she booked us arenas." Hisae says "Your appearance is too colorful isn't it?" "It's Hisae that is too dim. I will dance!" says Chisato. Yukari is looking around. Chisato asks "What's the matter?" Yukari says "Where is Miyu gone?"

In the dressing room, Miho sits alone. There comes in Kanno. Kanno says "I think you want orange juice." "Ah, Thank you." says Miho. Kanno passes orange juice to Miho. Kanno says "Take it easy. You have a magic." "Yes." says Miho.

Miho puts on the shoes. Kanno says "Mr. Kashiwabara says he is expecting you at the stage for the final lesson." Miho says "Yes. I'll be there soon." Miho with the shoes looks quite confident.

At the stage, Kashiwabara has been waiting for Miho. Kashiwabara asks "Are you strained?" Miho replies "a little, but it's OK." Kashiwabara says "Everybody looks at you, listens to your song. How wonderful is it." Miho says "Yes. I'm very happy." Kashiwabara then says "That's fine. OK, let's begin the lesson for the last song." "Yes," says Miho.

And Miho begins to sing with the piano. Miho begins to sing "Opening the photo-albumn, appears a page from which many pictures are removed......"

Then hears the sound of flute. Miho stands still as if the time stopped. Miyu is there.

Kashiwabara speaks to Miyu, "You are.." Miyu quietly says "You must be very happy controling a girl as you wish." Kashiwabara says with grin, "I gave her a chance. Without the help from me, she would be an ordinary or worse than ordinary girl." Miyu says "No. All you needed is your own doll." Kashiwabara says "It's another talent to be able to become a doll. Smart people don't quite understand that. She does not have such useless pride or wits. So, she sings according to my instruction. " "Untill she dies, right? The shoes suck the life of Miho, don't they?" says Miyu. Kashiwabara says "She will die in the optimal happiness. It's an excessive life for a girl like her." "Do you think a goddemon could change a human life?" says Miyu. Kashiwabara then says "Hmm, I've got it, you are.. I don't let you interrupt my business. There's no other play more amusing. " Then Kanno appears behind Kashiwabara.

Miyu says "She is your shadow, right?" "No. We are one. Look," says Kashiwabara.

Suddenly the piano behind him transforms and swallows Kashiwabara and Kanno, and turns out to be a goddemon, named "Goddemon Kyoukou (SoundKnock)." The goddemon attacks Miyu. Larva receives it. Kyoukou shouts "Another one of you?" Miyu shouts "Larva, legs!" Larva heads to the goddemon! Kyoukou says "Then.." The goddemon uses Miho as a shield. Miyu asks to Shiina "Shiina! Do it!" Shiina says "All right!" Shiina releases Miho. Kyoukou shouts "You!"

Larva who's dodged the rocket punches from the goddemon cuts off the legs from the goddemon. Miyu shouts "You stray goddemon, return to the darkness!" Kyoukou, but says "Ohhhh! My play is not finished. The shoes do not release her, because... Woooooooo." The goddemon disappears.

Miyu approaches Miho. Miyu says "You can dream forever, the dream that you've finally got. Give me your blood, and I will give you the eternal happiness. Nobody will make use of you, nobody will hurt you."

The notification at the port of concert hall reads, " We are very sorry to notify that The concert today was cancelled due to stuffs' certain affairs." People utters "Oh no!"

Chisato says "What's the reason why suddenly cancelled." Yukari says "Is she in bad condition?" Then Miyu comes. Chisato says "Miyu, where have you been? It looks very serious. Miyu replies "Miho won't sing before us. Nevertheless, sure is happy,'cuz Mr. Kashiwabara is always with her forever." "What do you mean?" says Chisato.

Miho is singing on stage, "You always embrace me in the warm manner. Different from love, but I could have stay with you on my strong will." She is actually in the hospital room, Miho has on the red shoes, and she in a blank look, dreams. Miho is still singing, "You always embrace me with your kindness. Different from love, but I could have stay with you forever."

Miyu's voice, "You can dream forever."

End of the episode 7

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