Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 8

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 8 "Your home"
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By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

In the school ground. Chisato speaks to Miyu, "Say Miyu, Is your home far from here?" Miy answers "Not so much." Chisato asks "May I go to yours to play with?" Miyu, but, does not answer. Chisato says "Ah, oh, no, Don't care about it." Miyu says "Sorry." Chisato says "Oh no. anyhow, come to mine and spend a night again. My mom pleases you as well, Miyu." Miyu agrees, "Yeah." Chisato shows that Icon of friendship. She says "This is a promise." And Miyu shows a very good smile.

In the night, at the graveyard, Miyu's home. Shiina speaks to Miyu, "How about inviting her. This is very good place, very quiet and it's no strange neighbor." Miyu says "Exactly.. The view (from here) is good, though.." And she looks at a tall apartment house which hide a beautiful moon, and says "that's slightly anoying." Shiina says "Not so much to care about." Miyu adds, "That hides the moon. Anoying."

A scream of a woman. Shiina opens her eye, and says "What?" Miyu asks "See something?" Shiina says "Wait a while."

Shiina watches the tall building that Miyu says anoying, in the telescope mode. Shiina reports "Maybe that room. Somebody is coming out." The man coming from the room to the balcony falls from the balcony. Shiina reports "Phew, he did!" The siren of a city ambulance.

Miyu quietly says "It's not only anoying."

Opening Narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.

The funeral. The room for attendants. A woman serves a cup of tea to a man, "Here you go." The man asks "Thanx, Are you a neighbor?" The woman answers "Yes. The next door." The man says "That's heavy. Anyhow, do you know anything?" The woman answers "Not particular. I am surprised as well." The man says "I guess. Who could imagin that sudden forced joint suicide next door." The woman asks "Was there anything particular in the office? The man explains "Oh no! He was a friendly guy. One thing particular is, recently he often received phone calls from his wife, though I don't know the contents." Woman says "Is that so."

And another place in the room. A man with glass and a middle aged woman is talking. The man says "We are double-income couple, and I don't quite know the stuffs in the daytime. Anyhow, nothing suggested that." Woman says "Is that so. I was in duty for coop, and was together with her that day. She looks quite normal, and fine." The man says "Difficult to guess what would happen." The woman says "I wonder what their son will do, from now on?" The man asks "Their son?" The woman replies "Yes. Didn't you see him today?"

The couple coming home from the funeral. The couple of the woman who served tea, and the man with the glass. The wife says "Wait!" She sprays kitchen salt to her husband.
#This is a cultural custom to purify a person
#who gets back from the funeral
The husband says "It's not the appropriate way to spray." The wife says "Don't care. It's nothing but a format. And, you should gargle." "Yeah" says he.

The wife comes into the room, and says "Some drinks?" The husband replies in the bathroom, "Give me watered. I don't like Japanese Sake, it's too sweet." And he washes his face. The wife says "Say, regarding Yuusuke, what will he do?" The husband asks "Yuusuke?" His wife answers "A cat. The couple next door loved so much." He says "'The son' means the cat?"

"Here you go." says she, and passes a cup of watered to her husband. She says "They regarded it as their true son." He answers "I guess their parents will take care of it." She says "Say, do you mind if I take care of it here in our home?" He asks "In our home? Why?" She says "If you mind, I don't say anymore. I'm slightly interested in it."

The husband holds his wife from behind, and says "You may do as you like. We don't interfare each other too much. You know." His wife says "I appreciate you." He askes "You want a kid, anyway?" "Oh, no! have a kid and I cannot work." answers she with smile.

The husband works at home. He seems to be a architect or designer. The wife holds a cat. The flashback. The father of the dead wife nextdoor and the mother. The father of the dead wife nextdoor says " Then, please take care of it." "May I really have it? It must be something like a keepsake from your daughter," says she. The father says "I don't want to take back home anything that would remind me of my daughter." The mother says "What made them do this kinda .. "
The wife says "I take care of it sincerely." The cat meows. She looks at the cat's face and says "Oh, you have odd-eyes." Her husband asks "Odd-eyes?" She explains "Each eye has a different color from the other's. In the case of cats, we call it Gold-eye-Silver-eye, and I hear it invites happiness." "That's nice," says he and stands up. His wife says "Coffee?" He says "You drink too?" She says "I prepare." He says "Oh, you sit and take care of it." The cat meows and plays with the wife.

She asks "Are you confident regarding the next competition?" He answers "I'm gonna have it pass." and asks " Ah, you must go (to office) earlier, tomorrow, right?" She answers "I have to fetch a manuscript. It will be complete noon, but it will be afternoon, actually." He says "I see. Next Sunder, do you have a time?" She asks "Anything particular?" "How about going to date. We've been busy recently," asks he. She says "Sounds nice. Tour to see buildings?" He says "A housing exhibition, I mean our new home." "Too early," says she. Husband explains "If my design passes, peaple says (I'll be promoted) to the leader." "Oh! Really? You've done it!" says she and holds her husband. The cat meows.

He says "Thinks to you." She says "To you also, though I don't do housekeeping like a housewife." He says "It's quite normal for an editor. I really appreciate you (doing housekeeping)." She says "This cat might have brought a happiness, anyway." "No, it means our choice was correct," says he.

The cat meows.

In the night. The cat comes to the wife's bed, and meows. She wakes up and says "How did you enter? You are fawning to me. OK, let's sleep together. But, tonight only." The husband also wakes up and says "What happened?" She answers "Nothing particular, sorry" and says to the cat, " You are quite warm."

The husband's office. The boss reviews the design that the husband designed and says "Well, it's interesting." The husband says "Thank you very much." The boss asks "This means, you use a different color to each side?" He answers "Yes. I was inspired by a cat's eyes. I hear it is a symbol of calling happiness." The boss says "That makes sense. OK, investigate it further. The client will please it." "Yes!" says he.

The wife's office. A phone call. A woman says "Mis Takashima. From your husband." The wife "Ah, thank you." And she takes the phonecall, "Hello, this is me. What's the matter? Oh, Really? Great! Congratulations! And, from our cat? Yeah, OK. I'll buy them on the way back, ciao!"

A colleague asks "What's the matter with you, Mis. Takashima?" She answers "One thing. Oh, regarding this manuscript,..."

They cheers themselves with beer at home. She says "Congratulations! Your name will be made public." He replies "Thanks to this guy." She says "I wonder if I plan something regarding cats." He says "It might go, the plan on animals." She says "Oh, I have to look for some specialist. Ah, sorry. This is for your congratulations." He says "We share each half of happiness, and hardships." "Or one third," says she and looks at the cat, and smiles.

The wife comes to the graveyard to visit the grave of the dead spouses next door. She speaks to the gravestone, "Sorry, Only our home becomes happier. But, this is owing to the cat." "Your acquaintance?" Miyu is there. The wife says "Yes. They lived next door to ours in the appartment house." Miyu says "I hear they did double-suicide." "Exactly. It's hard to imagine, regarding human affairs. They looked quite happy," says she.

Then, Miyu picks up something from the wife's shoulder. The wife says "Oh, that's cat hair." Miyu asks "You take care of a cat?" The wife answers "A keepsake from the spouses. But, to us, bringing happiness." Miyu then says with the serious face "Anyhow, the cat actually saw them kill each other, right?" "Don't tell something disgusting like that!" says she. Miyu says "Sorry."

In the night, the spouses' home. The cat meows, and it enters into the bedroom, and climb up to the wife's bed. "My boy." says she.

In the night. The husband finishes his job and goes to the living room. There, his wife is knitting. He asks "Do you usually knit?" She answers "I am learning knitting, for my boy to put on." He asks "You boy?" She answers "Yes. my precious lovely boy." He says "It's OK to love it, but is it the right way to do so. Cats have their own behavior. Is it OK to take care of it as a human." She says "No problem, since this boy wishes. Say." He sighs and says "Alright. This way, the cat will take you from me." "I don't think so, but.. " says she.

In the night, in the bedroom. The wife looks weaping. She utters to the cat, "Yeah, I've wanted to have a kid like you. But I've given up. I cannot stay at home. Are you alright with this kinda mom."

Hearing the conversation between his wife and the cat, the husband are afraid of them.

In the morning. The husband is reading papers. The wife comes in to the dining room with yawn, "G'morning." He says "You may stay in the bed.: She answers "Well, but I am awakened." He says "You, I think, should better stop." She asks "Stop what?" He says "I mean, calling the cat to the bedroom. The cat hair may stick to the bed." She says "Oh, then the cleaning is my job to do." He adds, "I am afraid you cannot sleep well." She says "Oh, yes I sleep deeply till morning." He says "But last night...." "What?" "No, nothing. I finished." says he.

A phone-call to the husband office, "Hello, this is Cradle Design Office. Mr. Takashima, a phone-call from your wife." He takes the phone "Ah, thank you. Hello, what? disease?" His wife's voice, "My boy looks sick, say, what shall I do?" He asks "Does that trivial thing keep you stay at home?" She says "You said trivial?" He says "You may take it to some doctor's" His wife says "Oh, Yes yes. doctor.: He says "Calm down, you don't look normal." "No. Sorry," says she and cuts the phone.

The husband comes back to home in the evening, "I'm home." When he comes into the living room, there is his wife with blank look. "Saori!" "Oh, it's you, dear. It's not serious, says the doctor." says she. He says "That's OK, but how about the supper?" She says "Sorry, I'm in duty this evening. But I could not care about that." He says "Didn't you go to office?" She says "I told you, I could not care .." He shouts "Come on! That's nothing but a cat! How come you can destroy your own life!" She says "You don't understand..." He asks "Understand what?" She says "How that boy is precious to me. He is my precious boy!" He says "Is it more precious than me? What do yo complain? We've been going well by ourselves! Do you really think that cat you'v got is more precious than our this life?" "You are jealous of ..?" says she.

The husband beats his wife.

She says "Now I see what you are. You are trying to make me obedient to you by violence! You never try to understand me. I see." He says "I am sorry that I beat you. But I don't wanna destroy our relationships due to this kinda stuff. Don't you understand?" She says quietly "I understand. Don't you help me?" "Help what?" asks he. "move the bed, to my room." answers she. He shouts "What do you mean? What are you complain about me?" She says quietly "You don't wanna be stay with my boy, right? Then, there's no other choice." He shouts again "The cat is more precious than ME?" She says "I live together with my boy from now on."

And, they continue the quarrel in the bedroom.

Shiina is watching them. "Phew! I've got it! Cat-doting is the best word for this," says Shiina.

In the night. The bedroom in which only the wife and the cat is there. She says "You have nothing to worry about. Mom will guard you. You are the baby gifted at last. What dream are you gonna show me tonight?"

The cat meows.

In the daytime, the husband phones to his wife's office, " Hello, this is Takashima, I'd like to talk with Saori. She is absent? Is that so. Excuse me." A woman in the office speaks to the husband, "What the matter with you, Mr. Takashima." He says "Well, do you think every woman wanna be a mother, anyway." She says "I hear you planed not to have a kid." He asks "Hey, Will you listen to my story?" She answers "OK, if you treat me a diner." Of course, yes. I won't be satisfied without talking with somebody," says he.

He and the woman are having a dinner. She says "Your wife should have been lonely. Whatever hardworker she is, she's wanted to have a warm family." He says "We don't interefare each other more then needed. We made decision to do so. Anyhow, presently Saori watches nothing else but that cat." She says "It's you that makes her lonely." "Is that so?" says he. The woman says "Thank you for your treatment, I appreciate you." He still asks "Well, I mean, do you still have a time? I don't feel like going home." She says "OK, Shall we have some drinks?" "Yeah," answers he. "What a funny wife to leave this handsome guy," adds the woman.

The wife is playing with the cat. There comes home the husband, "I'm home." She suddenly changes her face with anger, and she sniffs her husband and says "You must have been with a woman, right?" He tries to dodge and says "Well, I sort of talked on business." She says "I don't care. Do as you like, and I have my boy."

The cat meows.

She says "Oh, sorry, I prepare a supper for you soon." He speaks to her "Oh, I've already had." "What are you talking about? I mean, for my boy." says she.

She opens refrigerator, and says "Oh, no, milk has run out. I'll go out to buy it." "Saori!" shouts he. She says "Don't do something strange against my boy." And she goes out.

"What is going on with her?" says the husband. He opens the door of his wife's bedroom, and is amazed at a lot of items, toys, baby beds for the cat, just like a room for human baby. He walks to the cat and says, "I am very sorry for you, but she is not normal. I have to protect our home." And he opens the door to the balcony intending to throw the cat from there. Suddenly, "This is no joke," says the cat. It continues "This is a good opportunity. Shall we decide which is the true lord of this home." "You!" says he.

There comes home the wife, "I'm home." The cat meows. He shouts "Saori! Release it! That's not an ordinary cat." But she says "I know. This is my lovely boy." He shouts "It speaks!" She says quietly "I know. We had a lot of talk about many stuffs, such like our future life." He shouts "Abnormal!"

He fetches a kitchen knife to the kitchen, and says "Listen, Saori! Release the cat. You are cheated by a monster." She shouts "I don't let you have this boy!" He shouts again "I told you, pass me the cat!" Then, the cat runs from the wife.

And the husband and his wife struggle with the knife in his hand. A groan from the husband. And the cat meows.

The husband lies on the floor.

When she looks at her husband on the floor, and says "My dear! My dear!" "You have done it at last," says the cat. The tears on her face.. , and says "I.... I killed him..." She falls from the balcony. The cat says "Nothing is different from other homes, anyway." "It looks too late," Miyu says. Shiina says "I am sorry. I'd have watched 'em better." Miyu says "It's no use talking, but I don't let you be as you like." The cat says "Oh, I see, you are that overseer. Welcome to fools' home." Miyu says "I don't want you to be this familiar to me." The cat says "It's because I am a goddemon?" "Exactly," says Miyu. The cat says "People are quite fragile. However they believe each other, they destroy their home life when I poke a little. Don't you think we should better destroy them if they are such (fragile)." Miyu says "I'm not interested in those stuffs. I don't let you go, anyway." The cat says "I don't run away. I am getting tired of this life. I am very happy to have a pleasure to have a duel with you." Miyu says "If you're gonna play, it will be expensive for you." "This is my line as well," says the cat. The cat turns out to be a goddemon, named Hanki (SpotShine). Miyu shouts "Larva!"

And the severe fight between the goddemon and Miyu. But, he is defeated quickly. Miyu shouts "You, stray goddemon, to the darkness!" The goddemon returns to the darkness quickly, but it grins when it disappears.

In the evening. Shiina and Miyu are in front of a new gravestone. Shiina says "A new grave appeared again." "Everybody moves to here," says Miyu quietly.

End of the episode 8

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