Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 9

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 9 "The bog of promise"
Very detailed sysnopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

Rain. In front of an electric shop. A TV screen in the shop shows "Ikegafuchi Hot Spa Village, behind the Resort Development." Yukari says "This must be, you know, the village that we went to as a trip." Hisae says "Exactly. Say Miyu!" Miyu replies "It looks so." The scens reminds Chisato of something, she says "I wonder how that boy is going." A dead leaf falls.
Opening Narration: Goddemons, they are the eerie beings that eat people's minds and lead them to ruin. Once upon a time, they were sealed in the world of darkness. Still, goddemons that broke out of the darkness stealthily live in the human world today, and are wriggling between the day and night. Returning the stray goddemons to the world of darkness is an overseer. That is the pretty vampire Miyu. Her true face is unknown to anyone.
The flag over the streat reads "Welcome to Ikegafuchi." Chisato says to Miyu "You see it's good for you to have come together with us, Miyu." Miyu replies "Right. It's OK in some cases." Hisae but complains "If it did not rain, it would be far better." Yukari says "Don't complain. We'll soon arrive." They get off the bus.

Chisato says "Mysterious! Somewhat nostalgic is this village, right?" Yukari proposes "Then, how about having a joy of walking around before we have spa." Hisae agrees "That sounds good."

Miyu finds a snake and utters, "Goddemon?"

In the hotel room. The hotel maid says "If you go to the street, be careful not to be spirited away." Chisato tries to confirm "Not to be spirited away?" The hotel maid explains "Oh, nothing but a rumor. I hear that many are missing thesedays. Now we are going to develop a resort facilities, but that sort of strange rumors are quite troublesome. Then, please feel at home. "

After the maid leaves, Hisae says "Spiriting away? That can't be.." Yukari says "Maybe a screenplay to make this village more famous." Chisato says "Oh, no, Yukari..." Miyu, but, thinks seriously "Spiriting away?" Again, Miyu sees a snake rapidly move. Miyu utters "That's no mistake. A shadow of a goddemon."

When Chisato says "Hi, Miyu, what do you think?", Miyu is already gone to somewhere.

Hisae and Yukari are walking along the small path, looking for Miyu. Yukari says "By the way, where has she gone, I mean Miyu." Hisae says "I feel like this village has a similar atmosphere as Miyu's. Don't you think so, Chisato?"

Chisato is, however, walking in the different place. Chisato says "I feel like coming to a different world! Say, Yukari, Hisae,,,," But, they are not around her.

Hisae and Yukari are walking alone. Hisae says "This is a very troublesome trip. Chisato is also lost on the way." Yukari says "She's quite slow. Maybe she's already go back (to the hotel.)"

Suddenly Chisato holds Yukari, and shouts "Yukari!" Yukari is also scared. A snake is in front of them. Hisae shouts "No! I dislike this!" Yukari also shouts "Oh, no! That's why I don't like rural villages." They runs away. Hisae says "Wait! Yukari!"

And Chisato is walking alone. She says "Oh, No, I've lost the way? Yukari and guys must be anxious about me." And she looks around and utters "Looks like a maze." And she begins to run, shouting "Oh, No! Take me wherever you like!"

She stumbles over a stone, and falls. She says "Ouch. What the hell is here a stone in the middle of the way." But, She is not on the way but around a bog. She utters "Where .. am.. I?"

The way she came from has vanished. Around a bog in a forest. She says "It seems to me I've seriously lost the way."

She finds a small shrine, and says "No other choice. I ask taking a shelter from rain." And she enters into the shrine, saying "Sorry to disturb.." "Ah, a mirror," says she. A mirror is set in the shrine.

When she tries to touch the mirror, a snake comes out and it winds up her arm. When she is flightened, a hand comes out and grips the snake. It is a boy with a big leaf as his umbrella. He says "Stop! Don't scare her! Go home now!" and he releases the snake. He, then, looks up to Chisato and says "Welcome home! You came back at last! Big sis! Ah? You are not?" Chisato then realizes that she is scared by a snake, and shouts "Snake! Kyaaaaaaaaa." Chisato says "No snake? no more snake? Alright? Hey!" The boy looks amazed, and says "Oh, what a cowardy big sis." Chisato says "What do you mean by cowardy! You little kid is too rude!" Then a sound of opening door. Again Chisato's shout. The boy says "You are different. I thought you should be that girl, but, she was not this cowardy." She says "Sorry that I'm not 'that girl' or something." he says "I lost having been glad (=premature joy). I was confident that "that girl" should come back." Chisato asks "'That girl', you mean, you are waiting for somebody?" He nods and says "I've been waiting for her for a long time, because it's a promise." Chisato utters "OK." She says "Thanx back then. I mean, you saved me from that snake." Then the boy says "Hey! Let's play, big sis. I've been bored because I've been alone for a long time." Chisato hesitates a little, "But, to play.." But the boy insists "Say! It's OK?" Finnaly Chisato proposes "Alright, after the rain." The boy looks glad, "Yeah!" And Chisato smiles.

After the rain, evening. Chisato asks "OK, what to play?" Chisato and the boy put their hands together.
Miyu finds something, and says "A Goddemon? Very weak, but I can feel. Don't hide yourself! Come on!" The shout of a woman, "Oh, No!"

Miyu runs to a corner of the way, and finds a woman is attacked by something like a shadow. Miyu utters "Goddemon? No, different." The shadow that has attacked the woman then changs to a lot of snakes and attaks Miyu. Miyu calls flame "Flame!" All the snakes vanish by the flame. Miyu utters "There must be something. Something that controles those snakes."

Miyu runs around the village. In a corner are Reiha and Matsukaze, who smiles seeing Miyu.

Around the bog, Chisato is playing tag with the boy. He says "Big sis! I catch you!" She says "Not yet caught!" He says "Unfair, big sis!" Chisato says "You are it, come to the way of hand sound, You are it!" He says "Wait! Big sis! Hey! Wait!" She says "Come to me, Come here!" The boy says "You, big sis!" Suddenly, the boy falls. Chisato runs to him. She wipes mad from his leg, and says "Be more careful." He says "Yeah. Thanx." And then, "I catch you!" says he. She says "Oh, I'm cheated!" Crows suddenly begin to fly. It's almost night.

Chisato says "I didn't noticed this dark. I have to go back." But the boy is not satisfied "What? Play more! You are it, next time." She says "But my friends must be anxious about me, and you are also. Your parents must be anxious about you. You must go home." The boy seriously says "Go home? No. It's not allowed to go away from this bog. 'Cuz I made a promise." Chisato asks "A promise?" The boy explains "Yeah. I made a promise to guard this bog till that girl comes back, it's long time ago, I made the promise." She asks again "To guard the bog?" He says "So, play more with me, big sis." Chisato is troubled this time, and say s "Evenif you say so,.." The boy says "You say no? You can't? " She says "hmm, OK. Then I will come again tomorrow!" He says "Tomorrow?" Chisato explains "Yeah. We are going home to tokyo by train tomorrow. So, I will come here before that. Are you OK with it?" The boy is slightly brightened "Really?" Chisato says "Exactly. It's a promise." He also says "It's a promise!" She says "Yes! Let's link little fingers to confirm the promise." And Chisato tries to leave. She says "See you tomorrow!" He says "Yeah. I'm waiting for you! Good bye, Big sis!"

Chisato is running, and utters "Funny boy. A promise..." Yukari's voice, "Chisato!" Chisato says "Yukari, Hisae!" Yukari says "Don't say "yukari" here, Can you imagine how we worried." Hisae adds "Where the hell have you been, Chisato? We looked for you a great deal." Chisato explains "Huh! I made a friendship with a boy of this village. And I felt as I returned to a small kid. I was playing with in the forest till just a minute ago." But it does not make sense for Yukari and Hisae. Yukari asks "The forest?" and Hisae also asks " "When do you mean by 'just a minutes ago?'" Chisato tries to explain "I mean, that bog and forest, Ah..." But, there is nothing like a bog or forest in the way back. Chisato utters "Unbelievable."

Around the bog. The boy looks disappointed. "Why did you let her back?" says Miyu in her kimono standing before the small shrine. The boy looks scared. Miyu continues "I thought it was you that was spiriting away people. But, it seems it's not." The boy does not understand what Miyu asks and says "What story? You are you?" Miyu asks "You, what are you doing here?" He says "I am keeping a promise. I was asked to guard this bog, by that girl." Miyu asks again "Guard This bog?" and says "hmm, I see." The boy then says "You are, you might be .." Then come a lot of ice needles. Miyu burns them with her flame.

Miyu shouts "Reiha! This boy is different!" Reiha says "Oh, what would you say is different?" Reiha continues "This kind of place is very good. This place reminds me of something nostalgic." Matsukaze adds "It's the best place for goddemons to hide themselves." Miyu shouts "Don't poke your nose to my business without my permission, Reiha!" Reiha says "It seemed to me that you underestimated." Matsukaze adds "'Without your permission' is your greeting word to us? I mean we gonna help you oversee." Miyu says "I don't need your help." Reiha says "Then, shall we decide which of us should settle the issue?" And Reiha launches ice needles to Miyu. Miyu also launches flame. Miyu shouts "You are requested to stop that!" Reiha asks "Oh, Why would you say something so strange?" Matsukaze adds "Aren't you gonna allow that guy? That guy is also a stray goddemon." Miyu shouts "I say no!" Reiha says "I say yes!" Again the attack from Reiha. Miyu holds the boy and jumps. Boy shouts "No!" But, the needles which Reiha lauches hit the shrine, and breaks the seal of the mirror inside the shrine. The boy shouts "The mirror is..." Miyu asks "The mirror?" Then sound from the bog.

The voice of a woman from the bottom of the bog. The water surface separetes into two.

The boy utters "Sorry, I broke the promise!" He looks disappointed. Matsukaze says "What the hell is going on?" Miyu explains "This boy is the guardian of the seal. And that is the very goddemon."

A goddemon comes out from the separated surface of the bog.

The goddemon is "Goddemon Jaka(SnakeFlower)." Jaka says "Oh, the seal was broken at last!"

Many snakes in the bog, and the bog bites Jaka's body. Each snake gives the power from people to Jaka. Jaka says with joy "Oh, great human life power permeate to my whole body. This is just what people say the feeling of revival." The boy is scared. Jaka continues "Thou, disgusting brat! Thou hast been guarding the seal! I will revenge thee by cutting thee into eight parts!"

Jaka launches a lot of snakes to the boy. And the snakes are burnt by the flame. It's Miyu. Miyu says "Sorry to wake you up, you stray goddemon. This time, I seal you firmly. So you take a rest." Jaka says "Hmm, an overseer again? But, this time, I will never be defeated easily."

The tail of Jaka winds Miyu and the boy and screwes up. Jaka says "Thou idiot. Thou art the being of our side in the begining. What's the reason why thou are against me." He answers "'Cuz I made a promise! to guard this bog, with that girl!" Miyu asks "That girl?" Jaka says "That's silly. Such a promise is now broken." Jaka attacks Miyu and the boy, then Larva comes.

Jaka shouts "What?" Larva returns all the attack from Jaka. Miyu shouts "You stray goddemon, return to the darkness!" Jaka shouts. The boy watches Miyu shining in gold, and he feels something, and utters "That is..." The shrine also burns down.

Miyu quietly says "Now that you are released from this bog, like that goddemon. It up to you where to go." He answers "No, I go nowhere. I'll wait for her here. Because, I made a promise." Miyu says "A promise." "Yeah," says the boy.

Reiha sees them talk and say "It seems to me that Miyu is not going to dispose of that." Matsukaze asks "However chicken-hearted, he's a stray goddemon. Do you think it's OK to allow him?" Reiha answers "I don't mean that it is alright. However, He is too weak for us to deal with." Matsukaze says "It's too expensive to make Miyu angry only by disposing of a small fly, right?" Reiha says "Exactly. Shall we go home quietly today?"

The boy says to Miyu "Thanx big sis!" and he jumps into the bog. Miyu looks back at him. Miyu utters "Promise..." It begin to rain again. A cracked mirror.

Next day. The four before a small bridge to the forest. Yukari looks at the notice board and says "Look, Chisato." Hisae read the board and says "Keep Off?" Chisato says "Why?" Yukari says "We can go no further?" and she asks to the staff of construction, "Excuse me! Can't we enter?" They answers "No. 'Cuz, the construction is re-started. At last, it was decided to tackle seriously the resort-development." Hisae asks "Resort-development?" The staff explains "First, we break that forest, and make a very big leisure land. That's the plan." Miyu utters "Break that forest?" The staff says "So, go back immediately."

Chisato is not satisfied "But, I made a promise.." Hisae says "There's no choice Chisato, and the boy cannot go there, too." Yukari adds "If we are too slow, the train will depart." Chisato agrees and says "Hmm, I see. Ah, by the way, I haven't yet ask that boy his name."

On the way to the station, Miyu finds a little Jizo(guardian deity of children). It reminds her of that boy.

Chisato shouts "Miyu! Miyu, Hey!" Again in the scene on the way to the school. Chisato says "You, You'll be late at school, Miyu!" Miyu answers "OK, I'm coming."

The TV news reports the accidents in the place of resort-development. The news reporter narrates "This kind of accidents constantly happens. It is rumored "A cursed resort-development" in the place."

Miyu utters "That boy is still waiting for,, keeping the promise." Chisato calls Miyu again, "Rush, Rush! Miyu!" "I know! Chisato!" says Miyu and runs to Chisato.

End of the episode 9

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