Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 10

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 10 "A flex face"
Very short synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

A man who tried to kill the boss of his opposit Yakuza group is shot, and dying. Before he did it, he was talking with his girl friend through the celular phone. The man is but saved by a mysterious woman doctor. His face is changed into quite different one. He tries to start a new life with his new face.

He meets his girl friend. She does not think him to be her boyfriend. And also he does not let her know that he has changed his face.

Since then mysterious serialized murder begins. When he is watching TV news, he realized he himself should be the murderer because he has something related to the murder.

His girlfriend tries to save him from the hardships.

Then Miyu finally finds where the goddemon is, the woman doctor who changed the man's face. When Miyu defeated the goddemon, she does nothing to the man.

The man's face changes back to the original. When his girlfriend sees the very face, she kills him saying "I have another boyfriend who needs my help!"

End of the episode 10

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