Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series Episode 10

Vampire Miyu
TV series Episode 11 "The garden of meowing reed"
Very short synopsis

By Kentaro ONIZUKA (

A young man is looking for his beloved cat named "Rin." He puts posters at many places, which call for looking for the cat. He hears the very sound of the bell which is attached to Rin. And he walks into a big mysterious house, led by the bell sound. He sees a beautiful woman taking care of flowers. She says "I also looking for a good cat."
In the class room, Chisato is troubled by a little cat. She says the cat has been following Chisato to the school. It is quite cute and Chisato wish someone to take care of it. But nobody in the class wishes. Hisae knows a young man who loves cat, and the man recently lost his beloved cat.

The four visit the young man. He is the very man who is looking for his Rin. He says he still loves Rin and he does not want to have another cat. But he says a woman is looking for a good cat. The four and the man walk around to find the house where the woman lives. But they cannot find the house.

The man takes the cat and says "I will find the house and ask her to take care of this cat."

In the night, he looks for the house again alone. Then the house appears, and he enters into the house. What welcome him are a lot of cats with anger. The woman appears and she takes him to the garden.

There, a lot of flowers are meowing. They are originally cats but the woman changes them into flowers. The woman says to the man, "You can be a flower." When he tries to run away from her, Miyu appears. The woman changes into a goddemon.

Miyu defeats the goddemon. The man says "I loved a monster. Only a little moment but I actually loved her. I will not be forgiven by Rin." Miyu then suck blood of the man.

The man is touching a cat in his dream.

End of the episode 11

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