Esperanto is an international language created by the Polish oculist L.L.Zamenhof(1859-1917).

Based on West European languages, Esperanto is intended as an easily learned second language for international use.

La Universala Esperanto-Asocio(The Universal Esperanto Association, UEA), with headquarters in Rotterdam, is the principal international Esperanto organization.

In 1954 the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) declared UEA's activities to be "in accord with the aims and ideals of UNESCO" and granted UEA consultative status.

There are a lot of Esperanto organizations for such professionals as doctors, lawyers, and scientists.

Esperanto has a large literature of original and translated novels, short stories, poetry and technical works. It is the language of many international magazines and shortwaves broadcasts, and is spoken in all parts of the world.

Esperanto has proved particularly valuable in international correspondence.

You can learn it in much less time than any other language.