Cute Girl Images by tgif

Cute Girl Images created using tgif

Here I show the cute girl images created using tgif. All of the images were created only using tgif.

These are girl images created using tgif!

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Images produced using tgif and GIMP

The 6th painting of realistic girl.
The 5th painting of realistic girl.
The 4th painting of realistic girl.
The third painting of realistic girl.
Miyu in the real world.
I tried to paint a realistic girl with realistic proportion. Still the eyes looks bigger than real girl?
Another girl in uniform No. 3.
A picture produced for "How To GIMP."
A girl in school uniform No.2.
A girl in school uniform.
While I am drawing and painting, I saved each stage of the drawing process. I will put a new "HowToDraw" page for tgif + GIMP drawing.
I tried to paint transparent clothes using GIMP. It was very tough but the result was good!
This picture is not completed. I referenced a photo album of a Japanese idol. This image was also created using tgif + GIMP.
I finally began to use GIMP. This picture utilizes the same resource as the picture below.

Images produced using only tgif

The girl leaning to the wall. The usage of colors is not so good. The object file is too big because it contains pixmap for the wall. So the file available here does not have the pixmap.
The pose from the low angle. This kind of angle is very difficult. The object file is here.
I used the pose of Vampire Yui in the forth volume of the comic. I was much impressed by this pose of Yui. I really admire Kakinouchi Narumi. She knows good pose for something like a flying girl.
The pose of this image was from the image album of Sentimental Graffiti by Kai Tomohisa. Hmm, professional illustrators know good poses, anyway. This is the object file.
I tried to draw an image of floor view. It was difficult, particularly the position of breasts.
I created this image after a long interval. I found that I had lost the skill to draw woman's body.

The Japanese page has more images.


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